Operation Prayer Power – Science, Spirituality and Global Healing – Part 3


We’re pleased to continue this series on the global healing mission, Operation Prayer Power which is on the cutting edge of science and spirituality. It is a fantastic example of the joining together of prayer, the power of mantra, spirituality and technology and was invented by Yoga Master, the late Dr. George King, Founder of The Aetherius Society. This is held each week at only five locations in the world, including Royal Oak, Michigan.

The Fuel
In Operation Prayer Power, the fuel for global healing to take place is Spiritual energy – the energy of Love. This healing ‘fuel’ is generated and radiated through groups of people who join in chanting the sacred sound system of mantra while another highly trained group join in selfless dynamic prayer. This healing fuel of spiritual energy is then concentrated using technology where it becomes one of the most potent healing forces.

People of every religion and belief system use prayer. When a disaster such as an earthquake or flood strikes, caring people throughout the world send heartfelt prayers to those in need for healing and relief. Dr. King knew, however, as a scientist as well as an expert in the spiritual sciences, that if the energy of prayer could be harnessed, the results would be far more powerful.

Dr. King also knew that prayer – like any other energy – can be collected, stored and concentrated. He realized he could do this by designing and building unique and specific radionic equipment. This was done by himself and a small team of initiates over forty years ago, and this equipment became the inner heart of Operation Prayer Power. This fantastic equipment is able to intensify – and later radiate out to the world – the energy of prayer: spiritual energy. Spiritual energy can be equated to a stream of healing water; when harnessed it intensifies into a powerful river of love that can quench the raging fires of suffering.

Dr. King’s vision with Operation Prayer Power was to have a storehouse of uplifting Spiritual energy that could be collected and stored in special batteries, then released through what are termed ‘Spiritual Energy Radiators’ at times of crisis.

This spiritual energy released and directed by people through their heartfelt prayers, is then collected into the batteries and finally radiated in a huge blanketing sea of Love, in a fraction of the time it took to charge the batteries.

This resulting sea of spiritual energy could then be directed to the area in need. Once Dr. King had visualized the possibility of this miracle mission in the living ethers, he then set about the hard work and effort required to bring his vision into manifestation. It did not take him long to devise what he termed a ‘New Yoga for a New Age’.

Operation Prayer Power is open to everyone and for those who wish to participate, we hold regular classes in which we explain Operation Prayer Power, and initiate you into the sacred mantras that are used. After taking the introductory class, you will then be able to join in this fantastic global healing mission.

The next Initiatory Mantra Class for Operation Prayer Power attendance is Thursday, Nov. 21. (For details, please see the advertisement or visit http://www.aetheriusmi.org/opp.html).

Chrissie Blaze is an astrologer, metaphysician and Spiritual teacher. She is the author of eleven published books, including “Power Prayer” (co-author Gary Blaze). She is an ordained priest at The Aetherius Society in Royal Oak – www.aetheriusmi.org. She is a regular media guest and radio show host at Body Mind Spirit Radio. Her website is www.chrissieblaze.com.


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