Passion, Poetry and the Path


I do not believe I am alone on my journey to integrate source into my life. Like a lot of people, I seek an inspired, joyful life. Most spiritual traditions encourage us to take on some regular daily practice for connection and with grace, union. I have struggled with a variety of practices, experiencing highs but more often lows. Such is the journey. But, the fire has been lit and a passion burns within me: walking the labyrinth path. It is this coordination of movement with a meditative practice that continues to provide for me the grounding and inspiration for personal development and spiritual growth I seek.

The labyrinth is a pattern surrounded by a circle, into which you walk a path that winds around and about a center that you ultimately find yourself within. You follow this same path back to the beginning of the labyrinth. Held within this container, you feel yourself unfold and embrace the sacred space within, moving at your own pace, body and breath synchronized.

The labyrinth is as much a metaphor as it is a literal object. The outer circle expresses wholeness and unity and the inner seemingly chaotic winding path represents the perception of our lives, at times without direction or purpose. Yet, if we can trust and surrender, giving up attachment to where we end up, simply following the path as it appears before us, we are freed to experience ourselves in the moment. This is the fruit of the experience, when we allow it. We can witness our monkey mind, body sensations and emotions “on the path” and reflect upon how it shows up in our life outside of the labyrinth. This presence brings awareness from which we can take conscious effort, inspired by grace, in the direction of fulfilling our unique purpose in this one human life.


Kathy Igoe is a Leadership, Career &Life Coach, Labyrinth Facilitator and owner of Integral Life Designs LLC. Her passion is to assist individuals along their path of personal development and spiritual growth. Attend labyrinth walks with Kathy at Heritage Park in Farmington Hills from 2:00 – 4:00 PM on Sunday, Sept. 18 and Oct. 16, 2011. For further details and a full listing of events, visit her website at Call her at 248-854-4266 for a conversation about how coaching can enrich your life.


Ode to a Water Labyrinth

I descend upon steps of stone

water runs between, down and around

caressing walls and tumbling over rocks

streaming under my stone clad feet

as I find my way through, around and down

into the center of this water labyrinth

the rush of water now surrounds me

a cacophony of sound,

unbearably loud and deafening,

I release and surrender, silence

ego speaks no more, silence

my heart beats faster

attuning to the water serenade

I embrace this moment

receiving this beauty, truth and joy

my spirit speaks, tears of joy fall

adding volume

to this sacred container

joining that of others, nature and man

I am no longer alone

safely held, I breathe

free and full, I breathe

content and at peace

I begin my journey back, up and out

step by step, breath by breath

returning anew into the heavy world

mind restful

heart rejuvenated

spirit rekindled

If you are curious and want to find a labyrinth near you, use the Labyrinth Worldwide Locator ( Enjoy your journey!



Poem by Kathy Igoe – Leadership, Career & Life Coach, Labyrinth Facilitator at Inspired by the Active Pool in Fort Worth’s Water Gardens





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