Transcending Karma


The decisions, actions, and beliefs we have from our past experiences and past lives affect our present life. This is what some of us call Karma. Karma is a Sanskrit word that means “action”, “to do or make”. It is the universal law of cause and effect. Every thought, word or act carries energy into the universe and affects our present reality. Karma brings with it opportunities of growth from our past lives, and opportunities presented to us in this life. When you reincarnate, you bring with you a karmic debt or credit. As human beings we have free will, and it is through our free will that we create our karmic energy.

The universe has a natural condition of equilibrium. As human beings we disturb this natural state through our actions and reactions. Karma creates nothing, however it does restore balance, harmony, peace, and equilibrium. We are spiritual beings living on this planet trying to integrate our spirit self and human self to an understanding of love and light. Our individual ascension process helps us work out our karma through the choices we make. However, if we do not work on healing the mental, emotional and physical body we create negative karma for ourselves, and the planet. It is through wisdom and the understanding that we are all connected with one another and the universe, which we begin to see the whole picture. As we become more conscious beings and dedicated to helping future generations we can begin to create individual and global peace, harmony and balance.

Karma plays a key role in creating what we want personally, for humanity, and the planet. When we consciously ask ourselves, “How will this action affect me, humanity and generations to come?” we give ourselves the authority to choose the right action. In Hinduism, Dharma with a capital “D” refers to “The Teachings”. If it is with a small “d” (dharma), it means “one’s role in Vedic society.” Therefore, in this article I am referring to dharma with a small “d”, your mission in society. If you are unsure of the role you play in life you can begin by asking or meditating on, “What is my purpose in life?” When you are living your true dharma (life mission) you are manifesting positive karma, because what you are doing is out of love, and love transcends cause and effect.

Karma does not mean we are destined to a life of suffering. On the contrary, we can live a life of love and joy by creating positive karma. If your desire is to create positive karma or a karmic credit, it is beneficial to perform a karmic release, releasing the old negative karmic energy. Then through your right actions you will produce positive karma or a karmic credit.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience for the soul’s desire to evolve. As we become more versed in our spiritual self we have the ability to transcend negative karma. When you have mastered the energy of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual body, you can minimize the influence of the negative karma that powers your life. By choosing actions out of compassion and love for yourself and mankind, you begin creating global love. When you are working with the universe through your life mission (dharma) you contribute in maintaining equilibrium, creating harmony and peace for humanity and generations to come.

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Namaste’ Billie Tobin

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