Patients’ Right to Safe Access


Patients and Caregivers need Safe Access to each other to keep them out of the street and out of Harm’s way. The AMMA and our discretionary policy’s provide Safe Access. The AMMA in conjunction with State House Representative Mike Callton and House Bill 5580 is enthusiastically initiating our Medical Marihuana Business Model to our esteemed elected Legislature. Lobbying is our only avenue and proper protocol to effectuate change in our Law and in our Government. .Name calling and ranting Rallies at our State Capitol have proven to be more of a detriment than a help with our Legislature, in our fight for equal safe rights. The People have spoken in their Majority Rule Vote.

Lobbying is now the only proper format and protocol to address our esteemed Legislature for positive change to occur, for our safety and security in obtaining medication. We owe proper respect and diligence to all our Elected Officials who were voted in, by the People. Cussing out your Dad, then asking for the Car Keys, has never worked. The proper avenue for change is through lobbying our Interests through proper Legislative channels. For Safe Access to Medical Marihuana and secure safe distribution and access, Zoned Medical Offices by Appointment Only with Certified Members Only is the answer to help rid the Streets of violence and save American lives.

If the approximately, 250,000 Michigan Medical Marihuana Patient and Caregiver Card Holders would Donate just $1.00 to the Pure-Green-Michigan Dispensary Bill Fund 5580, Medical Marihuana would surpass the highly esteemed and Michigan’s own Blue Cross / Blue Shield organization in terms of Donations received for the Call to Action Committee stimulus every Legislature in the country, works through as a matter of protocol. Respectful and proper Lobbying protocols must be adhered to respectfully, responsibly, ethically and morally to create positive change in our Laws and with our people. If you want to help get Medical Marihuana into Safe Zoned Medical Offices and help keep our American Citizens out of Harm’s way in the Streets, please send just $1.00 in an envelope that costs almost half of that to the AMMA National Foundation Office 25900 Dequindre Rd. Warren, Michigan 48091. Please send all checks and Money Orders payable to Mike Callton.

The AMMA in cooperation with the State of Michigan would like to keep Medical Marihuana off the Streets and into professional discrete Zoned Medical Facilities for the safe transfer of medication through Caregivers and Patients in an Enclosed Locked Medical Facility, under the Law. Caregivers would receive the confidential protections of their Grow Facilities against thieves and predators to allocate more time on the Farm and less time getting rid of their overages in questionable high risk Street situations in a poor economy. Patients would have the opportunity to conveniently obtain their medication in a safe HIPAA compliant professional Medical Doctor’s Office environment and not in the street. This practical concept is the manner in which all Medical Doctors follow this protocol of proper business ethics and morality.

The AMMA is working in conjunction with State House Representative Mike Callton in Lobbying, The Pure Green Michigan Dispensary Bill 5580. Michigan could be the first true Medical Marihuana State with Public Safety as the primary rule and exclusive concern to our community, Patients’ and Caregivers who have unwittingly placed themselves in the Street and unsuspectingly placed themselves directly in Harm’s way. Getting Medical Marihuana off the Streets should be our focus and Provisional Compassion Clinics in Zoned Medical Doctors Offices places medication in comparable environments.

The Pure Green Michigan Dispensary Bill 5580 will provide an outlet for caregivers to stay out of the Streets and out of jail. Public Use or dealing Drugs in a Public place is also against the Law. It is equally dangerous to invite strangers into your home combined with excessive waiting period for untimely deliveries. Caregivers will have more time, make more money, given the opportunity to relieve overages, eliminate the hassle of dealing with Patients and making delivery’s. We can be a part of rebuilding our community, economy and we can make a change for the better. Our business plan has successful built in with incentives for Patients and Caregivers which create Michigan jobs. This is a win – win proposition in getting Marijuana Off the Streets, keeping our Children and our Citizens safe and out of Harm’s way. Professional HIPAA compliant, discrete Zoned Medical Offices for the safe transfer of medication through licensed Caregivers and exclusively for Members Only of Certified Michigan Medical Marihuana Patients.

We The People and our families have endured great personal hardship, sacrifice and overcome many devastating tragedies in our quest for survival with our natural God given Birth Right to Life. We The Peopleof the World endured the tyranny and oppression of Kings and Khan’s until the birth of our Free Nation and creation of our Constitutional Majority Rule, in our Land and for the personal Human Rights of our people.Since the creation of our historic world changing Democracy for The People in 1776, the World has been a much safer place to live. We owe a stern debt of imperiled gratitude and allegiance to those Brave souls who gave their lives freely for their beliefs in Freedom and Democracy.

This is our National Election year and a time for all People’s Voice to be heard in our Right to Vote. There are 344 Military Cemeteries in the United States and 24 Overseas, filled to capacity with so many American’s who sacrificed their Lives for the Right to Life and a Pursuit of Happiness, without tyranny and oppression.  However, with Rights and Privileges come moral and ethical responsibilities not to cause harm or danger to another American. Public Safety is the very essence of our Right to Life existence in our Pursuit of Happiness for our families and ourselves. Public Safety is the key to our Right to Life and our America.

Our Michigan Supreme Court has upheld all Michigan Medical Marihuana Patients’ legal Rights except the Affirmative Defense aspect within the MMM Act. Affirmative Defense was included to protect all Citizens from Felony Marijuana prosecution. However, our Supreme Court declared that this aspect was too Broad to include those people who were found in possession of Marijuana the opportunity to get Certified by a Doctor, after they were arrested. Post arrest Certifications were not approved. What is important to understand, is that our Constitutional Ballot Initiative by Majority Rule has been enacted into Law. We The People created this Humanitarian Law for the People, by the People and of the People. Most were for the Law and some were against a Medical Marihuana Law. However, The People have spoken and our Supreme Court has upheld our Rights under Law.

Our Right to Life in our Pursuit of Happiness depends mainly on Public Safety issues. Street crime and our Drug War prevails and cost thousands of American lives every year. The AMMA commends our Michigan government for bringing legal attention to the Public Nuisance national problem, plaguing all 16 Medical Marihuana States. Supply and demand is the cornerstone of our economy and domestic business pricing. Every product known to Man is sold on the Black Market or on the Street. It is these clandestine back alley meetings that have created rapes, murders and carjackings to our People. Public Nuisance legally defined is a “Lure to danger for unwitting and unsuspecting people”. Many unlicensed adults and teenage Marijuana users hang out in the Parking Lots of known Medical Marihuana Dispensaries or seek out Street Vendors attempting to obtain Marijuana illegally and often times are robbed, beaten and murdered. Many of these incidents are reported to Police for help from an illicit illegal crime. Now Law Enforcement personnel in the interest of Public Safety are placed directly in Harm’s way apprehending predators of those criminal acts. It is humane for some fear in trepidation when suiting up to arrest felonious perpetrators. Not a very safe comfortable job experience in a life threatening hazardous occupation.

For change to occur, people must get involved and possibly sacrifice somewhat to make things happen. We can be a positive influence in our community or we can initiate negative energy and continue selling in Parking Lots / Trunk transfers or to anyone young or old who has the money.We The People created the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act and We The People can create other favorable Laws to protect the safety and security of our Citizens by taking the Street out of the equation.

The AMMA wishes to keep our people out of the Street and out of Harm’s way. Professional discrete Medical Doctors Offices is the answer for our Citizens to be safe and legal…Today! Please send your donation of $1.00 or more to the AMMA “Mike Callton Dispensary Bill 5580 Fund” 25900 Dequindre Rd. Warren, Michigan 48091 Today! If we can raise $100,000 to $150,000 for our Dispensary Bill 5580 by December 1, 2012 the AMMA will Raffle Off a New Green 2012 Ford Hybrid vehicle for Donation Gifts of $25, $50 and $100 and more. The AMMA will hold a Raffle on December 15th 2012. Let’s make positive change in Michigan and keep our Citizens out of Harm’s way.


By: J. Van Dyke, AMMA Executive Director American Medicinal Marijuana Association


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