Peace is a Choice


I grew up thinking that peace was quiet, calm, undisturbed time and I valued it highly, living as I did in a home run by a rage-aholic. For all of my single life, I sought peace in nature and avoided noise and conflict as much as I could. My search for peace led me to write, play, sing and perform original music, it taught me to be a healer and helped me find God within myself. For my childhood non-peace, I am grateful because it led me to seek peace in my life.

Then came marriage and motherhood and I discovered that maintaining the fragile peace I had learned in my early life was impossible as a working mother. I had to build a peace that was strong enough to handle the stresses of adult life in all its forms. Over the subsequent years, I have been gaining the strength to hold my center and protect the integrity of my inner peace while contending with the chaos of life. For all this, I am also grateful, because it taught me that peace isn’t dependent on the environment around but is something you can create within your own heart, mind, and soul.

As the journey of change in our world has heated up in recent years, and as my body has aged, I have been learning to deepen and strengthen this personal choice to live from a place of peace. I have learned to trust and to work through judgments, fears and physical discomfort as teachers of high degrees. Where I have still been holding out, withdrawing from life or carrying emotional blocks to wholeness, this phase of life has made me commit to unconditional love, forgiveness and to persevere in the face of radical change. Peace at this phase in my life is a choice I make each moment of each day. Sometimes it is hard to do. When I fail, I think of it as an opportunity to go deeper into the unity with Source that is my birthright and all of ours in this world. I am grateful for this challenge.

Peace is a choice that I commit to daily, and I invite you to do the same. Where the world prods you to react, judge, be afraid…these are teachers of peace if you choose to let them teach you! Within each of us is the unity with Source that can be missed when we focus our attention on the separateness that expresses in the world around. Seek that unity within to find your core of peace and stand firmly within it. Let it grow until it fills your whole self. Then greet your days and nights from that place. Where you miss the mark, give thanks for a greater opportunity to deepen the unity with your true self within. This period in our world is the time we are awakening more fully to that unity, and the outer stressors are helping us to seek it.

In the latter third of the 1900s, spirituality became a popular pastime, almost a hobby. People sought it because it felt good and made them feel good about themselves. We grew more spiritual and that was essential. Now we are being asked to mature in our spirituality and hold true to it, despite what might seem like discouraging circumstances in our world. We can use this opportunity to build a stronger peace that can handle these challenges. What a gift to ourselves and our world when we do!

There are infinite ways to center and focus on true self in order to build peace within. I teach tools for this during my healing sessions and in the Healing & Ascension Monthlies Series which starts 1-9-2020. I have taught some of them in articles in this magazine and in my Weekly Word for Healing & Ascension Blog. Those are available on my website: For that reason, I won’t try to teach a technique with this article. I’d just like to remind you that peace is not only something we can feel when the world around is at peace but something we can nurture and grow within our own hearts, minds, bodies, and souls that are strong in the face of challenges.

Blessings for peaceful holidays within you and around you as well!

Love, Eve


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