Peace, Like a River


Peace, Like a River

I’d like to share with you a deeply relaxing exercise which helps you to clear blocks and negative energy out of your heart, mind and aura. It also helps you to get perspective on issues in your life and to relegate them to a comfortable storage place until you have time to address them, so your mind and heart can be free to focus on the things you need to do in the meantime. It will teach you to make an appointment with yourself to deal with issues, rather than having them take over your life.

River Exercise:

Begin by imagining that you are floating in a river of light, peace and love which flows from above your head and down past your feet. Let yourself relax into that river and feel it support you as you float.

Breathe into your body and focus your attention into the top of your head. Let yourself feel the flowing river of light enter you here, feel it massaging your head as it moves downward slowly through your body from there. Spend time with each part of your body, inviting it to relax, feel supported and release all tension to be carried away in the river. Let the relaxation deepen with each body part until you feel just too relaxed to move and pleasantly heavy, but at the same time light and flowing.

When you have gotten all the way through your toes, notice any places in your body where you are holding tension still, or where it is uncomfortable. If you have time you can explore those blocks and work to identify and release or resolve those issues. Or, if you would rather, you can move directly to the next step.

Pea Package:

Invite the river of light to wash around those areas that don’t feel good yet. Let it wrap them up and shrink them into a tiny package the size of a pea and give that package to your inner wisdom (that place within your heart where you just know the truth), even if you don’t know how you know. Let that wise one within take charge over that issue for you. Then let the river continue flowing and relaxing you even deeper until you feel completely relaxed.

Set a Date:

When you are done you will need to set a date to work on the pea packaged issues. Pick a time when you will be free to meditate on how you feel about them and what you can do about them, etc. or make an appointment to work on it with a healer or counselor or friend. Put that into your calendar so you don’t forget. If you do forget, your pea package will pop back open. Or, if you don’t have a commitment to deal with your issues and just want them to go away, the pea package won’t stay packaged; it will keep popping back into consciousness. However if your commitment is real and it still pops back into consciousness, you can tell it to go back into the pea package and wait until your scheduled time. Promise to deal with it then and breathe back into the present moment. You can remember the river and it will help you to relax again.

The pea package helps you to discipline your conscious self to keep focused in current time and place, to deal responsibly with issues when you have time to work effectively with them and it helps you to keep your problems in perspective. Your problems are just a little pea sized bump in the river of your life. You will get through them given time.

Eve Wilson

Eve Wilson, Director/creator of The Healer Development Program, a full time UCM Healer Practitioner and trainer of healers since 1986, works with a person’s aura and higher consciousness to assist their evolution and heal the cause of issues. She works actively with planetary healing and ascension.,, 248-545-3928.


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