Spread the Power of Love to Yourself


Spread the Power of Love to Yourself

There is nothing to fix, because you are not broken. There is nothing to heal, because you are already healed. You are already everything God has created you to be…right now. In the self-acceptance process, you are only ‘clearing the mud off the diamond’. The ‘mud’ is the emotion, pain or limiting belief that is not real unto itself. Remember all that you Are is already here.

The paradox is, to love yourself you must witness and feel where you are ‘not’ loving yourself. Sounds like fun, eh? Well, when you realize how much these little perceived unlovabilites are affecting your life….it is fun to release them.

Sure we all do physical things to hurt ourselves… (Bad diet, smoke, etc…) but where we hurt ourselves the most is the mind. It is not always so obvious as to where we do not love ourselves But if you remain alert to what you are feeling, life’s events will show you.

Life is always happening for your greatest good. We have a choice to remember love or fear in every situation in our life. Every part of life has a gift to offer, even in situations that are unpleasant. Ask God, “Help me to see this differently and to see the gift in the situation. I am willing to change my perception.”

Recently I was getting a lotus flower added to my infinity and sun tattoo. The tattoo artist asked, “What does the symbol mean?” I told him it symbolized for me the process of looking at our perceived un-lovability (emotions, pain, limiting beliefs), and from this process we realize that we are already the wholeness and peace that we were seeking. He replied angrily, “No! We just have to believe in Jesus and that is it!”

I replied “I am not disputing your belief in Jesus. I am just saying that our relationship to the God/Christ can only be as strong as our relationship to ourselves.” He said, “We are not meant to do anything. We can’t. Only our belief in Jesus can save us!”

I replied, (now aggravated), “We have to turn our wounds up to the light of God by admitting they are there and feeling them. Then, God can heal them. It is like turning an upside down bowl full of mud, up to the cleansing water.” At this point I noticed my aggravation and realized I had become attached to my expression. So I changed the subject.

Later in meditation I realized I was attached to him ‘seeing his stuff’ as a way of protecting myself. I had a self-limiting belief that if he saw and dealt with his emotions, I was safer. So, I released (or accepted) this belief and the fear behind it. From what some would call a small interaction, I saw myself move into greater detached expression in all areas of my life. It wasn’t as if I wasn’t expressing in a detached way already in my life; I just opened to another level. We are always opening to another level of who we truly are, if we are willing to look within.

Try to edit your heart and you lose your inner guidance. Match all your words to what you truly feel and think and you will uncover your Authentic, wonderful self. You must be like a songbird in the morning, singing your song for the sake of being alive and the joy of expressing who you truly are.

Why couldn’t the tattoo artist believe in Jesus and trust the process of clearing his own self-limiting thoughts and feelings? I saw that his ‘rigid-ness’ was a way to keep himself from having to look within, and it was his way of feeling safe in the world. He couldn’t even consider what I was saying because he was unconsciously afraid of his emotions. I knew this because he was not telling me as a matter of fact or with passion, but with rage and an attachment as to whether I agreed with him or not.

Your inner truth is real without anyone ‘making’ it real. “To thine own self be true”. If you don’t listen to yourself (your gut feelings), then you have lost your greatest protection in the world. The ‘art’ of listening to yourself takes practice. Be very forgiving with yourself when you don’t.

When you become strong enough to trust your own heart, you won’t find others not agreeing with you, or ‘getting it,’ so aggravating.

I have commonly heard people on the ‘inner self growth’ path say, “Why can’t they see their stuff!” or “The world needs to wake up” or “My family thinks this self-love and natural healing stuff is witch craft!” I agree that the world needs more love and self-accountability. But if you are anxious or aggravated with the world it is only because you feel threatened. And underneath this aggravation you are not taking the time to listen to your own inner truth. People won’t listen to you until you listen to yourself.

Love yourself when you don’t listen to your own heart. Become stronger in the power of love, authentic expression, natural healing, etc… for yourself. And as you do, people will begin to listen to you without you even trying. As you love yourself the Truth will vibrate through you, as you, in you.

Later, after I accepted myself from the tattoo experience, I went for a massage. The massage therapist spontaneously said to me, “I love when you come in. You remind me to be true to myself and look within, just by your presence.” Because I listened to myself, Life/God heard me.

When you love yourself, you naturally express the light within. All of creation will sing your song with you. As you trust your heart and inner knowing, your song is reflected back by everyone you meet.

In sessions and retreats, besides teaching and reminding people about their own inner greatness, I also provide a ‘map’ of a person’s limiting self-beliefs. Once we become aware of these limiting self-beliefs and love them, they easily release. This ‘map’ allows the person to release years of suffering and move into a greater freedom.

In your life, continue to question what your true motives or beliefs are. Get clear as to why you do what you do. Clear the mud off the diamond and shine brightly. In the detached expression of your inner truth, you sing the song of your Authentic Self and become the greatness God intended you to Be.

Barbra White B.S., D.hom

Barbra White B.S., D.hom is a gifted intuitive who has the innate ability to guide others into their inner divinity. She is a Self Acceptance Teacher, Reiki Master, and is certified in Auricular Medicine and Homeopathy. Barbra’s approach will empower you to find your untapped talents and stand in your power as Love. Individual sessions, workshops and retreats. AcceptedAsIAm.com 734-455-1438.


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