Many people ask:


Many people ask:
Why do I keep manifesting the same problems (stress, challenging people or circumstances) in my life?
Seek out whatever that perceived problem or difficulty teaches you; then find the gift (lesson) in that challenging experience or it will remain elusive to you every time it comes your way. Decide that you will feel inner peace, divine awareness, and abundance NO MATTER WHAT “APPEARS” TO BE HAPPENING ON THE OUTSIDE IS TO YOUR FAVOUR OR NOT. This is the real mark of life mastery, that you have actually accepted the personal challenge to change yourself from the within. If you are still unconsciously reacting to the outside with disappointment or frustration, then all you’re really doing is simply reinforcing the fact that you have not learned or changed, then why should the outside change? The mark of true change is to see, feel and behave differently, even if the external (people, circumstances) still appear to look the same. Only then, will you have truly changed because you are not concerned about the outside anymore, you are spiritually mindful and detached. Decide how you’re going to feel, JUST BECAUSE that is what you prefer to feel regardless of what’s going on around you.
Always allow and give a positive and empowering meaning to EVERYTHING you experience. Everything that you personally experience is designed to be blank or neutral; nothing has built-in meaning in them automatically. The meaning we give those experiences is the effect that it has in our lives. We are designed by our free will to give our life experiences meaning. The meaning or belief systems we give it determine the effect we get out of it. It is very important to pay attention to our definitions, to how we define, judge or assume things (circumstances, people, and motives) are in our lives. It is important to understand our limited definitions are equivalent to what we believe to be true (not the truth). You have the POWER to CHANGE your definitions on ALL levels that don’t work for your peace of mind, empowerment and personal growth. How you define things determine how you will experience them in your life (positive or negative). Have a conscious recognition of the definitions you placed on things that were subconscious in you all this time (habitual thoughts). Realize that you had borrowed most of those stressful and limited belief systems and definitions from other people (society, media, parents, and friends) and let go of the negative definitions that had given you stress and robbed you of your vitality.
When you can consciously do this, you give the outside circumstances the true opportunity to change and reflect back to you. If you keep bringing in the “expectation” that you are waiting for the outside to change to reflect the change you feel is happening inside you, you haven’t genuinely changed, therefore the outside won’t. DO NOT SEEK OR PEEK OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF FOR OUTER CONFIRMATION OR VALIDATION. DO NOT MAKE YOUR INNER EXPRESSION OF JOY/INNER PEACE CONDITIONAL, DEPENDENT ON THE OUTSIDE. DO IT BECAUSE IT IS A TRUE REFLECTION OF WHO YOU ARE AND REPRESENT. Believe that the change is true within you, regardless of what appears. Say to yourself that you are peaceful, joyful, adaptable, and empowering in this “Now Moment”, then the outside can have the opportunity to reflect that back to you.
Peace and Blessings to you.
Anon I mus
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