FLINT, MI – On May 1, 2013, Miss DeTria The Pet’s Companion, LLC will officially begin serving the pet residents of Genesee County.

Miss DeTria The Pet’s Companion, LLC is a specialty pet care service for those pet parents, who prefer to keep their pets at home, whenever they have to be away from their fur baby for extended periods of time. “Some pet parents are not comfortable boarding their pet in a tight cage located inside a loud kennel. Pets have been known to return home from boarding kennels, traumatized. The objective of Pet Companionship is to avoid an interruption in the daily love, attention and one-on-one family time a pet is accustomed to receiving from its pet parent, within the comfort of its own home” says Owner DeTria Taylor.

Miss DeTria The Pet’s Companion, LLC offers two Companionship packages that include free remote pet viewing during the scheduled appointment and several add-on services.
• The Pet’s Companion – Our signature package is offered during the day. This package is ideal for midday dog walks; pet and home visits during a short vacation or extended work day, and to administer medications and provide extra accommodations to those pets with special needs. The first two pets are included in The Pet’s Companion rate.
• Overnights – This package is best for vacations lasting five or more days. In order to avoid Pet Loneliness, it is best not to interrupt your pet’s daily routine. Overnights run from 7pm until 7am. If you are a multi-pet household, the first five pets are included in the Overnights rate.

“I began pet sitting on an informal basis in 2007, while attending graduate school. I became motivated to officially launch my business last summer after spending several weeks conducting extensive genealogy research in both Jackson and Yazoo City, Mississippi” says Miss DeTria. “I left my cats at home, but in the care of my family. My family made certain the cats got fresh food, water and litter, but they did not spend any quality time with them. What was the result of all of this? When I left on vacation, my female cat was thin, but was massively obese when I returned. My male cat was clingy to the point of either being stepped-on, or tripping me, whenever I walked around my house.”

Miss DeTria The Pet’s Companion, LLC is owned by DeTria H. Taylor. Miss DeTria graduated from Flint Central High School in 1989. She moved to Los Angeles, CA and went on to earn degrees in Fashion Design and Sociology. While pursuing a PhD in Sociology from the University of North Texas in Denton, she realized that animals were her true passion. She returned to Flint in 2009 and entered the Veterinary Technology program at Baker College. I am excited to apply my skills and experiences in this new business venture and give back to my community.

She offers free Meet-N-Greets so that pets may determine if they are comfortable with this new Companion. Contact Miss DeTria The Pet’s Companion on the web today at or call 810 • 908 • 4363.


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