Positive Changes Are Getting Easier


Spiritual things are getting easier for us at this time.  With all that seems hard in the world, it is worth learning how we can take advantage of this increased ease and grace.
We are currently in a period of accelerated spiritual growth which is bringing about a paradigm shift in life on earth.  We call this process ascension.  During this process we are experiencing an increased unity with God and with all of creation.  Over the next 20 years we will actualize a significant piece of our potential as spiritual beings living in a physical world.  You could compare the spiritual changes we are undergoing with those that the industrial revolution and technology have brought to our material experience.  The shift we are undergoing is of that magnitude but taking place in consciousness and spirit.  It will impact the material world in every way, but the influence will come from a higher and truer state of being and have infinitely more balanced and healthy results.
The ascension process you are going through at this time is a speeding up of your vibration so that your body and soul resonate more in harmony with God within you.  This is activating changes in your body chemistry, your genetic makeup, and your spiritual and psychic development.  You are becoming increasingly intuitive and self-aware.  It is easier and easier to forgive the hurts you experience and the stress from the world and to trust that somehow everything is going to be OK.  You can sense a purpose behind things and are more inclined to be patient and let go of trying to control things. You are more and more inclined to watch and see how things turn out.
If you continue to try to control life by your own willpower and to make things go the way your mind assumes they should, you are likely to get pretty frustrated and stressed out.  The changes that are happening are much grander than your personal plans, and yet they take into account your needs down to the smallest detail.  The frustration that comes from trying to do things in the old controlling manner, is teaching you to let go and flow, and when you do, you are probably surprised to see how it is all working out just as it should.  Listen to your deeper heart and your inner wisdom for the clear direction for your life.  Allow life to help you find the exactly right way to go in each moment.  This process may redefine your goals in a way which will ultimately bring greater fulfillment than what you had originally thought.
A lot of the old judgments, fears, resentments and anger are melting away as the energy of unconditional love is increased through the ascension process.  It isn’t that you never feel those negative things, you do.  However they don’t seem to hold you as tightly anymore.  The love that is coming into our lives builds a sense of peace and trust that would have been incomprehensible a decade ago.  This trust is holding us steady inside while everything in the world is changing around us and our own bodies and souls as well.  It’s a good thing that increased trust is there; we need it as we ride out all the changes.
You may have been wondering why you aren’t more worried about everything, when the level of change in the world is so great.  Watching those who are trying to control things out of greed, fear and jealousy, you may find their behavior to be way over the top.  They haven’t realized the futility of what they are doing and so the change around them only increases their insane behavior.  Don’t worry, just trust the flow of life within you and invite God to be present with you.  Their machinations won’t work anyway.  The old way of being is passing away.
Increasingly God consciousness is waking up within us and within the world at large.  As we awaken to this truth at the core of all life forms, and especially within ourselves, we will find new ways of being and doing things that really work for us.  These new ways of being will be natural and emerge out of a new wholeness and awareness of our unity with all of life.  We will be telepathically able to cooperate with all life forms to create a world that supports all of us without greed, fear and selfishness.  All of this will take time, but we are seeing positive change becoming easier and easier.  Just 10 years from now, you will look back and see so much that has worked out better than you could have predicted and even more so in 20 years.  No change is without stress, but there is good stress that brings about good changes and we are experiencing it now.
Most importantly as you ascend, there is a core of loving self-awareness which grows within you that strengthens your awareness of what is right for you and what is not.  You find yourself less willing to hold onto illusions about yourself and others. You become increasingly able to navigate circumstances in your life by following an inner compass that sees through the illusions to what resonates truly within your soul.  Step by step you are growing into your truth and taking your power.  When you give it away you will recognize it sooner. As the love within you grows, you will be able to take your power back and stand in your truth while being respectful of others and their choices which are not yours.
Many of you reading this have already recognized these changes to some extent.  Some of you may not yet know these things in your own experience.  Keep an open mind and heart and relax into the flow of your life; you may have already changed a lot but won’t recognize it until you trust life a little bit more!


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    In Love and Light,


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