Can a Psychic Also be a Medium?


Psychics read your life path, but do not necessarily connect with spirit.
Psychics tune into the energy of a person, object or even a picture by feeling or sensing the life aura energy from their past, present and future. They go into a deeper state of the mind (usually through meditation) allowing their psyche to tune into the person’s life path, by asking higher guidance to reveal the past, present and future of the person being read. Psychics can use many tools to read the life path, such as clairvoyance, Tarot, astrology, Rune Stones, psychometry, palmistry, reading tea leafs, and so on.

Mediums channel souls who have passed on to the other side.

With this in mind Mediums don’t read the energy of a person or an object from the physical world, but instead reads through the dimensions and taps into the spirit energy.

Mediums do not look into the past, present and future of your life, but they can certainly help people through messages that are brought forth from spirit to move forward with their lives.
This means mediums rely on the presence of non-physical energy outside of themselves for the information relevant to the person being read. Mediums don’t usually use metaphysical tools to communicate with spirit, however some mediums write down things they sense about the spirit. Mediums can also engage all of their higher senses to hear, see, sense and even smell spirit’s presence. However, even mediums cannot call on a spirit to communicate if the spirit does not desire it. Sometimes, people desperately want to communicate with a loved one who has passed, but the medium cannot call on the spirit unless the spirit is available and willing to communicate.
Sometimes the soul who has passed is in shock and cannot figure out how to communicate until someone on the other side helps them through the process. This is why so many people that have had near death experiences will report that they saw a loved one meet them, to help them in the transition to spirit or send them back to continue with their physical life. Sometimes spirits go immediately to the higher realm, getting ready either to become a spirit guide or preparing for another lifetime, and cannot be accessed during this process.

Psychics/mediums can access both the energy of your life path and the spirit world.
This is a more rare gift that only the most evolved intuitive will possess. I have found that in my career as a psychic that spirits would come into a life reading at times, but for the past several years now it happens very frequently in a life reading. The picture to the right shows while I was doing life readings in front of a live audience, a spirit showed up — you can see his profile in the door above my shoulder. I was doing a life reading on a lady in the audience when suddenly I felt the spirit of her son. He died without being able to say good-bye so he made his presence known and gave her his message of love which helped them both with closure.
I never know what will happen in a reading as each person has a unique life path. Sometimes spirit will only show up in the beginning of the reading to share concerns or just to relay a comforting message. Being a psychic/medium does not guarantee that a spirit will come into the life reading, but if the person seeking the reading has a loved one needing to share messages this will be possible through the higher development of the psychic/medium. Working through the karma in this psychical plane can be difficult without the help of our loved ones reaching through the spiritual dimensions.

Infinite Love & Peace,
Psychic/Medium, Wendy Powers
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