Psychic Predictions 2023/24


Written by Pauline

I go back being a Psychic for over 35 years, and, in my 35 years, I have had amazing things happen; one of the things that I go back a long way with is predictions. The Macomb Daily used to publish an article every January called “Prediction,” They asked specific questions of all the area Psychics about what was going on that year. I have documentation in 2005/2006, some of my predictions go back 20 years ago, and it’s fun to look back at them now.

One question Macomb Daily asked was if Jennifer Lopez was going to marry Ben Affleck, and I remember saying at the time, “No.” It was getting to the time that they were supposed to get married, and I thought I was wrong, which I was surprised, and the day before they were supposed to get married, they called it off.

I also said predictions about Carl Marlinga, President Bush, and Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick in 2004 all came true. But I had one more prediction that I got a lot of flak from; about 15 years ago, I did a reading for somebody on the board of the Michigan State University, and I told him the children would not be going to school; they would be afraid and they would be doing stuff from home. I didn’t know what that meant or why I said that, but that gentleman I read for just shook his head at me and said you’re crazy. That’s not ever going to happen. When Covid Changed came, I understood what it meant.

Here are my predictions for 2023; let me start with social media. It needs to stop because it is too negative but true. Politics need to be reformed; the Democrat and Republican Parties; are out of Control; they need to calm down. I am proud to be American, but other countries are not looking favorably at us like they used to; if you look at other countries and they talk about us, they do not say nice things. They lost their respect.

I predict President Biden will not be re-elected President of the United States. Also, Past President Donald Trump will not run for president; he will support someone else in the Republican Party. COVID-19 and how it was managed will put our economy behind, and I’m wondering if we can get caught up. Drought Will play a big part in the United States in 2023/2025. It will affect our food process. An Electric car will struggle for the next two years. And violence in America will not stop with or without guns Control because guns are in the hands of the wrong people.

These are my predictions for 2023/24, and I would also like to thank all of my clients & friends who have followed me all these years.

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