Have you ever had moments in your life that caused you to feel like you were not of this Earth?

In my practice, sometimes I find it necessary to look deeper into a client’s past to find a way to help them through this difficult journey called life on Earth. Through my abilities as a psychic I have done past life readings for clients, especially when they feel like they can’t relate to this time or place and retreat within themselves. I discovered an amazing phenomenon that some of them have indeed had a life on other planets. Once the Earth karma is cleared you will graduate to the next level. The soul may find that experiencing life on another planet with different lessons to learn is much like going off to college for the soul. Sometimes these higher souls decide to come back to Earth again; they may choose to come back in order to guide others through the difficult lessons of the human Earth experience.

These higher souls often take on rolls such as psychic/medium counselors, spiritual teachers, sometimes religious leaders, healers or homeless, even the incarcerated! Many of these higher souls find they fight depression and anxiety as they are now caught within the dense fog of karmic energy, and walking into a mall or restaurant can be stressful for these highly sensitive people. Some will find they can’t cope with the negative energies of this plane and retreat from society, even becoming Agoraphobic.

Because they have a mission to help others, this is not a useful way to spend a life on Earth, so I often recommend that they go to an energy healer, or consider visiting or even moving closer to a vortex, one such place is in Sedona, Arizona. They will find this energy matrix more relaxing for their sensitive higher soul. Another recommendation would be to swim with the dolphins or spend time in nature, as this will revitalize the higher soul.

These evolved souls have great wisdom even when they are very young; they will also have a very developed psyche. Some have moved objects with their minds and have even levitated or read minds.

Maybe you are one of these higher souls but because you have suppressed it for so long you may not recognize it within yourself. But if you are having emotional detachment, depression or even anxiety, you may want to see a past life regression hypnotherapist. If it is discovered that you are indeed a higher soul, you can then start learning how to cope with living in this dense energy plane and continue to complete your spiritual quest.

From a firsthand experience, I can share with you that personally I spent the first half of my life with this unnerving feeling of living on other planets. When I was between 9-10 years old, I used to climb a rather tall old tree in my backyard and look over the neighborhood thinking that I was here on a mission to observe and help guide humans to a higher level of thought. Truly, I spent a lot of time feeling like I did not belong on this planet. Could this have only been a child’s imagination?

I knew that I could fly! I truly had no qualms about the idea and was wondering why others were not flying. At the ripe old age of seven I stood on the window sill of my second story bedroom, not wanting or wishing I could fly, but knowing I could; my thoughts seemed to slip back to someplace where I moved effortlessly through the air.

Well, lucky for me my older brother caught me just as I was leaping from the window. I was really quite upset at him as he proceeded to lecture me on how I should never do such a thing again! I knew he was wrong, but I complied with his wishes and did not try to fly again, but I knew I could…

Another odd thing was that I could hear people’s thoughts, again never thinking that this was unusual. I found this skill very helpful when I was in school as I could ace my tests, because I read the minds of some of the other kids.

Side Note: it doesn’t help to read the mind of the teacher as their minds were never on the answers to the test!

Back to the subject of this article, once graduating from the challenging karma of Earth life, we can move on to attend Universe University! This is not the only choice the higher soul can make; there are many experiences that they can choose from, once they have graduated Earth.

Wendy Powers Nugent is a Clairvoyant and certified counselor. She has been a professional psychic for more than 35 years. Please visit her website: or call 248-826-8255


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