Reincarnation – Back Again!


Written by Wendy Powers Nugent

As this little baby comes into this world for yet another lifetime, saying to the self, “I sure hope this is my last time on this planet,” as they remember how hard life can be. They still know what must be accomplished in life as they are born again into the world because they discussed it with their spiritual guides, who helped map out the life before coming to Earth once more.   

 One of the most asked questions about reincarnation I get from my clients is, “how many lives have I had?” Many people do not understand that lifetimes on Earth can vary by quite a large margin depending on how fast you learn your lessons and evolve up into the evolutionary scale of your soul development. After all, this is literally, “The school of hard knocks!” Everyone’s life will have bumps, setbacks, and downright devastating events that seem to us like God is punishing us.  

However, God is not hurting you in your life, quite the contrary. God helps us to figure out the lessons we need to go through. If you turn to your little voice (intuitive connection to God), you will find answers will come, and your path will get easier as you go through your life experiences.  

Some of my clients have repeated the same lessons (Karma) over hundreds of lifetimes. Seeing their future through a reading, I can see the issues that are holding them back and how to resolve them faster to get back on track, but it is up to them. I, like other psychics, can only give you the map coordinates of your life path you must navigate through. We remove the terrible weather conditions for a moment so you can know what is on the other side of the dark storm clouds. We have freedom of choice to make up our minds about how decisions will ultimately be made… This is why some people will not listen to their intuition or even a psychic counselor and end up repeating the life!  

Others have learned so quickly they only need a few lifetimes to evolve past the physical life karma of the Earth and may decide that they would like to return as a teacher helping others navigate through their difficult journey. As a spiritual intuitive counselor, I can guide people, helping them break the cycle of repeating lessons that are not being learned well.  

Seeing people experiencing the same lessons over and over again can be heartbreaking. I call these challenging times of being stuck or just being in a no man’s land of not moving forward “off-roading.” Some people can’t see past the fear or sadness and cannot connect to their higher consciousness to retrieve their life path. This is why consulting with an intuitive can help you to find the path you set out for yourself, but sometimes the trauma that the soul is trying to work through is so difficult a hypnotist may need to be consulted for the client to move through the lesson.          

Most all of my readings are done through Zoom these days. However, I find that reading a person’s energy is the same as if they were in front of me. I guess it is the camera-to-camera connection. While doing one of my readings a few weeks ago, guiding a woman who sadly lost a child in her 8th month of pregnancy (I was not aware of this occurred before the reading), I was startled when her baby boy came clearly into her energy field. He wanted to clarify that he could not complete his life journey in the body that was developing in his mom’s womb. He said that it would have left him with a bad heart which would not allow him to be the athlete he was meant to be in the life path he chose. This, of course, was his decision as he was the one who mapped out his life. This soul had me tell his mother that he will be conceived again soon and this time will be able to be born strong as he intended. By the way, his mother knew the child she lost was a boy. 

As you can see, the baby needs to have certain conditions met to complete the karma that must be worked out. 

Sometimes it is a sad and challenging life that may be chosen; take Stephen Hawking, a world-renowned scientist living in a frozen body that left him communicating uniquely through a computer. We can’t always understand the circumstances that a soul needs to live their life, but we must trust that they are going through things that must be completed to help its soul evolve. 

Wendy Powers Nugent; Clairvoyant, Minister, Writer, and Certified Spiritual Counselor. 


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