The Energy of Love in a Time of Crisis


When we pray for the healing of another person or help with a global disaster such as the invasion and declaration of war on Ukraine by Russia – what we are doing is channeling the Divine power of God Itself. This power is the great preservative force of the Cosmos – called LOVE or Spiritual energy.
It is this great energy that can, at this moment, help to bring world peace and stability to Eastern Europe. It can inspire, protect and bring healing to the courageous people of Ukraine who are now fighting for their lives, for their freedom, and their country, as well as to the courageous people of Russia who are risking imprisonment and more by staging anti-war demonstrations in many cities.

You may feel that you are only one person and that your effort to channel this energy through your prayers may be too insignificant to make a difference. However, never doubt that your prayers said from a heart yearning for Peace and harmony in our world can, and will, make a difference.

Dr. George King, Founder of The Aetherius Society, taught that Spiritual energy is the most important energy in existence, far more so than electricity. It is a power that is entirely scientific but as yet defies scientific understanding on Earth. He also taught that the most important energy crisis we have to solve on this planet is what he termed The Spiritual Energy Crisis; the lack of love, harmony, compassion, and understanding that currently exists.

Each of us can and should do all we can to help solve this crisis, and if we do, then all the other crises will, in time, resolve. The Spiritual energy crisis is the main problem; there is enough to go around, but there is not the will or the heart to share. Every time we raise our hands in prayer, heal or give service in one of a thousand ways, we are helping to solve this underlying and major crisis.
How to Prove that Prayer Works

What can we do right now, today, to help stop war and its terrible ramifications; and to bring world peace and stability is to pray. Whatever our religious affiliation – or none at all – one extremely powerful tool in the Spiritual arsenal of all people is prayer – or directed intention.

First, we may need to be convinced that prayer really can make a difference. Some of us are already convinced and have seen its results.
Others may need more convincing.
One thing is sure; all of us who have the desire to see a better, more compassionate, more peaceful world – are needed at this time. Your name is being called; your hands, your heart, your loving energy is the fuel – the only fuel that can save our world.

It is quite simple for all of us to prove to ourselves that prayer works.
We don’t need science to prove to us that spiritual energy is real because each of us has the ability to invoke and direct this simply by the power of our thought, through our directed intentions and prayers. All of us can learn how to do this, and many people can physically feel this energy in a very short time with just a little practice. However, even if you can’t immediately feel spiritual energy flowing through you, just know that when you request this, there it will be. “Where the mind goes, energy follows.”

Visualization Technique to Direct Spiritual Energy

The Spiritual Master and Founder of The Aetherius Society, Dr. George King, taught a dynamic system of prayer. One technique is, before doing one’s prayers, to visualize the energy (and it is energy, just as real as electricity and more potent), moving out from your hands with your hands raised about shoulder height with the palms facing outwards. Just visualize the energy going right out to the horizon as far as you can see it go, and by doing this exercise, you can draw in more energy before you begin.

The beauty of directing spiritual energy is that we are beginning to control and master our own emotions and our thoughts, as well as the great life-giving pranas emanating from the Sun that are available to us all.
Once we channel these pranas, and color them with our love and compassion, this brings to us a rise in consciousness. When this happens, we begin to more surely unlock the riches within us and realize more fully our Divine potential. Even more importantly, we also help the person or situation to which we are directing this beautiful, harmonious, and healing energy.

The more we do this, the stronger we shall become until we are no longer subject to the whims of others or the manipulations of dark forces that are even today bringing confusion and chaos to the surface of our world. Once we learn how to control these God-given energies, we are now becoming the spiritual magicians and world healers that we really are, fighting with the energy of Love to bring Peace, healing, and enlightenment to our world.

All the problems on our world can be solved by the power of Love because where there is Love, selfishness is overcome. Where there is Love, greed cannot exist, and without this, there can be no poverty. Where there is Love, hatred will be transmuted, so there can be no war, no racism, no injustice of any kind. Let’s try this practice together to generate and radiate the energy of Love.

Click here to join with Rev. Chrissie Blaze as she leads you in radiating Love through a powerful World Healing Technique.

The Twelve Blessings – New Age Teachings of Jesus

One of the most powerful ways of directing spiritual energy is through the spiritual practice of The Twelve Blessings, delivered to humanity in 1958 through the extraordinary Mediumship of Dr. George King. During this time of crisis in our world, we are holding regular online Services of The Twelve Blessings. People from 68 countries of many different backgrounds and religious beliefs have been joining together, radiating the great power of Love through these beautiful Blessings.

When Spiritually-minded people join together, we really can make a powerful difference. In the words of Dr. King:

“It is a fact that a few really dedicated humanitarians, working alone, can do much good for humanity. But bring these together in a common spiritual purpose, and they can save the world.”

We warmly invite you, at this critical time in our world, to join us in our online and Zoom Services as outlined in the accompanying ad, and become a true spiritual activist, radiating light and love to our world.

The Twelve Blessings Prayer Sheet
If you wish to join with our Services or conduct your own Services at home, read aloud the headings and prayers of each of The Twelve Blessings with all your love. This is a beautiful and powerful Spiritual practice delivered through the advanced Mediumship of Dr. George King by The Master Jesus as His New Age teachings.

These Blessings are available as a book or as audio transmissions, but we would like to offer you a free prayer sheet of the Prayers of The Twelve Blessings that you can use right now at this critical time. Please email with Prayer Sheet in the subject line.

Do practice the exercise in the attached audio extract if you wish, and then, as you visualize the energy flowing through you, start to read aloud the prayers of each Blessing.

One Secret of Prayer
Quantum Physics has shown that the more emotion we engage, the more neurons we activate. Our emotions are the juice, or energy, behind our thoughts that give power to them. So the more feeling we put into prayer, the more spiritual energy will be radiated through us – and therefore, the more powerful the prayer will be.

You may never know the results of your prayers, but you can know for sure that, by the great Law of Karma, they are making a difference. Your prayers said from a compassionate heart will help and heal, and the more you do this, the more you will unlock the great Spiritual riches within you, bringing you greater fulfilment, joy, and inspiration.

Chrissie Blaze

Prayer for World Peace

Oh Divine Father of all Creation
We open our hearts and minds
To you now, in prayer
And humbly request that Peace may spread
Throughout our world

And May This radiant Light of Peace
Shine upon all countries and
All peoples of our world
Now – At this very moment.

We pray that this Divine Essence
May fill the hearts of all peoples
With love and compassion
With charity and understanding.

May it flow to those involved in
bringing Peace to Ukraine and
Stability to Eastern Europe.
So that their decisions are imbued
with clarity, wisdom, and love.

Oh God, may Thy healing power of love
Flow now – at this very moment –
to all people involved in this terrible conflict
May it strengthen, protect and inspire,
May it bring light to the darkest places
And healing to all who suffer at this time.

Oh, Mighty Creator,
May we all unite in a common goal
So that we may together see the dawning of
A new era of lasting Peace upon our world.
Carved through compassion and understanding
One with another.

copyright Chrissie Blaze 2022


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