Resonate Frequencies


There is a resonate frequency within and around everything. Everything is made up of molecules, moving particles, vibrating at certain frequencies. When the body is healthy it vibrates at a higher rate than when it is ill. Positive thoughts can cause the cells to vibrate at a higher rate. When the body is resonating at a higher frequency it is less likely to get ill.

You are affected by everything that you come into contact with. The body shows you what feels good or bad. Happiness is the way to obtain optimum health. Happiness is also manifested as higher energy levels and higher frequencies.

Foods and the environment also affect your health. Unhealthy foods have a negative resonance, as does a poor environment. Many things can drain your energy. Among these are smoke, pollution, negative behavior, words that are meant to hurt or demean others, negative attitudes and foods that are not for your higher good.

The body will reject these adverse frequencies. In the case of foods, for example, you become allergic or sensitive to those foods that are harmful to you. There are a number of people who feel better after cutting wheat, dairy and/or sugar from their diet. Often, however, we misread the message that our body is giving us. When we eat a food that disagrees with us, a food whose frequency causes dissidence with our base resonance, we read it as not being satisfied. As a result we eat more, often of the very food that is causing the discomfort. The long term result is obesity or illness.

There are many other activities that, like eating, cause over indulgence in ways that reduce the energy level, lower the body’s resonant frequency and thereby make us ill. Take the “couch-potato” for example. They sit in a chair with their snacks and remote controls. Their muscle and minds atrophy. After a short time they find it hard to get up and do anything. They have less and less energy.

If you can get the couch-potato out of the house and doing some exercise they start to regain some of their lost energy. Energy is like love, the more it is used, the more of it you have. The more you exercise the more you can exercise.

Inactivity lowers the resonance. Think of an active mountain stream. As it tumbles down the mountain it gains speed and energy. The frequency and power raises. Along its edges, plants and animals grown and thrive. Each is nourished by the energy of the stream.

At the bottom of the mountain the stream may join with other streams and their energy and frequencies are added together. Together they become a mighty river.

If, however, the stream gets trapped then it losses its energy. It stops flowing and starts to evaporate. It becomes stagnant water. If the frequency drops enough then the water becomes poisoned. There are no plants on the shore. Birds and animals avoid these stagnant water holes.

Creativity, love, joy, music, dancing, etc. excites the cells to a higher frequency, and make you feel good. Take time to enjoy life, these things raise the frequencies so you stay healthy and youthful. Meditation and prayer will also attune you to higher frequencies. All of these create reality and cellular material.

Do not be a stagnant pool. Be alive and at high frequencies. Become the running stream.

Chris & Dave Wattenberg

Chris and Dave Wattenberg CHTP, SHP/I are: Stone Healers, Certified BioSonic Repatterning (Tuning Fork Therapist), Certified Healing Touch Practitioners, and other healing modalities. They have developed and teach classes in Stone Healing Energy, Tuning Forks, Energy Exchange, Singing Bowls, Focused Energy Techniques, and Protection for Practitioners. In addition to their own practice they are on the board of the Healing Touch Center.


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