What’s Your Dharma?


While there are many avenues for a person to travel along their journey to finding out why they were put on this earth, what they are here to accomplish with their life, none that I have found identify the purpose and then explain it like the book “What’s Your Dharma?; Discover the Vedic Way to Your Life’s Purpose” by Lissa Coffey. Ms. Coffey gives us a concise method of discovery and then follows it up with the details that generate a deep understanding and foster a deep appreciation of who we are and why we are here.

In this power-packed volume of guidance and energy you are never left to your own devices as to the meanings of words, descriptions of methodologies or how to connect all the dots so the picture is crystal clear for Ms. Coffey writes as though she has lived each and every sentence for she truly has. She blends words, colors and symbolism into a literary fabric we can wrap around ourselves and wear to enhance the intellectual aspects of this book so much so that we can almost touch our life’s purpose and show it to someone else.

The four Vedic yoga paths are LOVE, WORK, KNOWLEDGE and MEDITATION and after taking short quiz at the beginning of the book, one is moved through each of these paths with care towards forming a rooted connection in one’s own personal journey. Even though one could skip right to their particular path it is well worth your time and effort to spend time with each and every path for as Ms. Coffey explains we can be different paths at different times in our lives.

To say the least this book is an education and to say more would spoil it for you.

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Annette Rochelle Aben – General Manager Body Mind Spirit Radio January 2012

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