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Akashic records are the universe’s soul recordings. Every dying star, every birth of a planet. Every heartbeat, every indrawn breath is recorded like a giant tape recorder.

On earth, think of the records as a vibrational ribbon wrapping around the earth and capturing everything you are thinking and saying and doing.
Intent matters and the intention behind your actions are captured as well. Thus, killing someone in a war/battle situation to protect others is considered differently than someone murdering another in cold blood for personal gain.

There is a 60 second delay on the spoken word. So, if you say something and then think better of it, you can say “clear cancel!” to have it removed – as long as no one was harmed in the uttering of it. Touch your middle finger to the center point of your palm and declare, “Clear, cancel!” and the passage will be struck from the record. Example, if you are attempting to create a new life for yourself by honoring a certain vision, and you’ve just stated something not in alignment with that viewpoint, you can immediately declare, “Clear, cancel!” and then state what you would rather have.

The Lords of the Akashic records who protect the records can be appealed to, in order to request that a life chart be altered or have a challenge or situation changed. You are not allowed to access another’s records without permission. Doing so will not be allowed and your privileges can be revoked or tightened if you are not of the highest purpose.

The Lords wear robes which vary in color. Sometimes they are dark, sometimes light. Just because an Akashic Lord is wearing a dark robe, doesn’t mean that they are not the same Lord when they are wearing white robes—and the changes in color seem to be in alignment with mood changes. Generally, if they are in white, they are pleased. When they are wearing shadows, you need to make sure your actions are in alignment with your higher self and be on good behavior.

It is okay to plead your case with the Lords of the Akashic Records. They are Lords of Karma. Karma is neither good or bad, it just is. Karma helps us move through the lessons in life we require. It’s kind of like a school teacher making sure you have completed your tasks. Sometimes you can recognize a pattern repeating in your life and confirm that you have learned the lessons from the pattern, and are ready to move away from it. Trying to fight against the particular lesson will only make it last longer. Accept, have gratitude and ask that it be released.

They can also release you from Karmic debt. You can explain that you have learned a lesson and ask that certain burdens be removed going forward. (You have to really learn the lesson though!)

Accessing the records through prayer.
Everyone has their own way of connecting with the records. It is important to understand that your way is the right way for you, and another’s way will be right for them.

There are six components that are generally in most prayers to access the Akashic records.
1. Surround and Protect with White Light: This protects you and the one you are reading.
2. This Phrase: “I allow the Masters, Teachers, and Loved ones of Me to channel through me”
3. This intention: “Whatever realm, whatever they wish” Remove limitations of time and space for your masters, teachers and loved ones.
4. Legal Name: This is very important. This is how your specific record is accessed. So if you are saying a prayer for yourself, you would say your complete legal name. If you are married, you would use your surname. If you are reading for someone else, then use their legal name. If someone has been divorced, it depends upon what last name they are using now. Middle names should always be used.
5. This Phrase: “Highest and the Best for all involved”
6. Gratitude: Have thankfulness in your prayer.

When you are closing the record, you need to say a prayer of some type. It is helpful to say the prayer three times. Here is a sample closing prayer:

Thank you Lords of the Akashic records for your wisdom and guidance. We are grateful grateful, grateful for the protections and guidance you provide. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


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