Staying Close to Your Truth


Your direct line to love and truth lies within your own heart and soul. Like all good relationships, this one requires attention. There are ways to build and maintain this inner relationship that don’t take hours out of your day. Here is an easy tool that you can incorporate into your life no matter how busy you are.

A day begun with a full out running focus on getting stuff done will be an exhausting day and lack the energy generated by being connected to the core of truth and love within and all around you. A day begun centered on truth will flow and feel supported. Even if there is chaos around you, a central core of peace will help you be guided to respond in the easiest and most empowered ways.

Flame is a direct link to divine love and truth; by whatever name you call that One at the core of all life (I will call it God). You could keep a candle in the bathroom and light it as you begin your morning routine.The light of the flame can remind you of God’s unconditional love radiating toward you from every direction no matter where you are. Opening to that you will feel a responding flame of love and truth deep within your own heart and soul. Invite your inner flame to expand to fill your whole body and the aura that surrounds you as far as your arms can reach in every direction.

Relaxing into your inner light, give into the outer candle flame all of your responsibilities and concerns for the day to be enfolded in God’s love which is present right there and focused through the flame. Invite the inner and outer presence of love and truth to be with you in each circumstance of your day making light the responsibilities you carry.

This little meditation is easily done while you brush your hair and teeth, wash your face or any other bathroom activities. Then as you go about your day, remember the flame within and allow love and truth to support you from within and without.

Light the candle again at night to remind you of the light of love and truth from God and also within your heart and soul. Let your inner flame expand and fill you, body and aura. Give the unresolved burdens from your day into the light of God shining through the candle flame and feel it be released into God’s care. Breathe into the stillness of the light within and relax as you do your routines to prepare for bed. (If you can’t handle the scent of candles, use unscented; or if burning wax bothers you, you can just imagine a flame instead.)

Who is it that animates your body and soul? Who lives within the house of your being and acts through the routines of your life? I believe you are an eternal and beloved aspect of God living within a human form. The tendency people have to get lost within their outer activities and responsibilities and forget their inner truth limits their fulfillment in life. You are here to birth your own true and loving eternal self into the world through your own body and soul. It is this true self that you need to be building a relationship with. Practicing little acts of self-remembrance strengthens the power and focus of your true self and the presence of God in the world. The strength of that relationship then becomes your foundation for fulfillment in every aspect of your life. As you are centered and strong in your truth, you will build true and loving relationships with the people in your life that are mutually supportive rather than draining or dependent. Your job can become the place where God within you can make even the most mundane tasks an opportunity to be lovingly present and true to yourself. It is not what you do; it is who you are that makes all the difference. You can be just a body going through the motions like a machine, or you can love the truth within you every moment of your day and night.

Writing all of this is not intended to have you judge yourself when you are not expressing your truth. Whatever you are expressing or feeling in the moment is an opportunity for acceptance and love. When you are feeling cranky or dissatisfied with life, invite God to be there with you. Like the meditation with the flame, welcome the light in, right where you are at that moment, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. There is no place within your being which is unworthy of your love and truth. There is a reason for you being very human – it connects you to all the other humans in the world. If you can let love into your own darkness, you are being a light within the world. So, don’t try to avoid the darkness, just bring the light there to be with you. Soon you will find that the peace of love and truth will join you there.

Eve Wilson


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