Secrets of Joy


By John Ashbrook

Joy: this simple, three-letter word contains many secrets of creating joy in one’s life. The grand goal of the force of life as it surges through the universe is to create joy and spread it into infinity. Joy is the essence of life because it is freedom. Where there is freedom, there must be joy, and where joy exists, there must also be freedom. They are inseparable. Let’s examine the word “joy” in the light of numerology. In this way, we can unlock the secrets of life contained in this beautiful, simple, and yet complex word.

In numerology, the word joy reads as, 167. This number combination is very powerful because it speaks of spiritual maturity and the power it brings to one’s life. The number 167 reads insistence, balanced by patience. This is the very principle by which all creation is possible. Where there is no patience, joy cannot possibly exist. This is so because when insistence to have one’s way is left unchecked, it becomes so preoccupied with making things happen right now, that there is no time to really enjoy the results of one’s efforts. Instead, it’s on to the next demand. This is immaturity and it breeds dissatisfaction and despair, the opposite of joy.

When one brings patience into the mix, it becomes possible to not only enjoy the results of one’s efforts, but also the process of creation itself. When a person begins to take the time to observe their life, they begin to see how they create it, and of course, this can only lead to improved, more efficient, more fulfilling creation. This is the mark of maturity and the benefit of an attitude of patience. It is obvious that this balance can only result in a higher, more profound level of joyful living.

Now, let’s go further with our numerological examination of joy. The number 167 adds up to 14 (1+6+7=14). This number reads “insistence to change in the positive and insistence to not change in the negative”. The will to change, to grow, to expand one’s life is the key to joy. The will to keep everything the same is stagnation and the essence of misery. The will to progress as spiritual beings requires a balanced effort of action and patience. The will to keep everything the same requires only the insistence to do so, but this attitude conflicts with life. Life is movement, growth, expansion, constant expression and renewal. Life cannot be held still; it cannot be stifled.

Change is inevitable, so one who resists change is not in harmony with life, and they lose the ability to direct their life and have a say in what will be. Those who are willing to surrender to the process of life, trusting change, not resistant to the powerful flow, will be honored by life. They will gain the ability to direct their life in a meaningful way in accordance with the natural laws of a benevolent universe. They will eventually get what they want, but in the meantime, their patient, trusting attitude will enable them to really enjoy the ride, experiencing it all. They live in the calm, ever-expanding moment of eternal joy. Their happiness is not governed by the fleeting whims of immaturity.

The final number of joy is 5 (1+6+7=14, and 1+4=5). Five is also the number of life (3+6+9+5=23, and 2+3=5). Joy and life are connected by this common vibration and they are also connected to this challenge – freedom of expression. To express your individuality is to be alive and joy is the product of self-expression. Unlimited self-expression equals unlimited joy of living. Nobody is one identity. We must be careful about becoming too comfortable with one way of living. When our security depends on expressing our life in the same way over and over again, freedom is lost, change becomes something we fear, joy is eliminated, and we become governed by, what Colin Wilson referred to as the “triviality of everydayness.”

The lower self lives in fear and clings to its safe, limited identity, shrinking from adventure and new experiences, causing one’s life to drift into a dull routine. This anti-living is the prime cause of aging and health problems. Machines wear out and break down, human beings should not. Life rejuvenates itself. The healthy, balanced soul senses when one way of living is “worn out” and immediately seeks new avenues of self-expression. Such action releases the incredible healing powers of elevated self-esteem.

So, these are the secrets of joy. Take action on your desires, but live in patience. Embrace change when life beckons you to do so and endeavor to continually express the infinite depths of your God-given individuality. These are some pretty big secrets for such a little word.

John Ashbrook is a professional numerologist and an intuitive spiritual counselor with over thirty years of experience. He teaches a comprehensive spiritual development program that combines ongoing classes with individual sessions. For more information, call 734-326-3433.


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