Be Flexible with King Yoga (no Postures Required)


One way to reclaim and retain our youthfulness is to remain flexible in body, mind and spirit. When we refuse to change, we ossify, and the more we ossify the harder it is to change. I can give you an example with my own back. As a writer, I spend a lot of time in front of a computer and if I forget to stretch, my back becomes stiff. The more my back aches, the more I remain in one position because it hurts to stretch! If I am not careful, my back can suddenly go out and I end up staring at the ceiling counting flies until my back heals again. This self-inflicted period of stillness forces me to have a shift in my attitude towards a more flexible approach.

It is like that with all the crystallized places in our mind as well as our body. Even those little fearful places we have in our hearts, all build up resistance. This resistance stops us from making a shift. Staying flexible in mind, body and spirit is important so that when the time comes for us to change, we can do so without pain.

On the spiritual path it’s good to be like the Ninja – flexible and nimble, always watching, waiting and prepared to spring into action at a moments notice.

Hatha yoga is another great way to remain flexible. Yoga is now a part of modern life whereas just a few decades ago, it was relatively unknown in the West. However, even today, most people equate yoga with the asanas, or physical postures of Hatha Yoga.

Yoga means union with God and there are many different forms of yoga, all leading to enlightenment through the raising of the kundalini within the spine and the opening of the higher chakras. Hatha Yoga was considered a preparatory yoga in which to begin this vital journey we all must take. Other yogas include Raja Yoga, Jnani Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Mudra Yoga and more.

I was fortunate to be a direct disciple for over 20 years of a realized Master of Yoga from the West, Dr. George King, who had gained mastery over all these forms of yoga and had reached a point where he could raise kundalini fully and consciously and gain the elevated bliss state of Samadhi.

However, Dr. King taught that the greatest yoga in these days is not hatha yoga or the others I have mentioned – but karma yoga – the yoga of right action and service. He urged the adepts and masters of the world to leave their retreats and states of bliss, come out into the world and use their enhanced abilities in service to our suffering world.

His life and work exemplified his teaching. He left behind his own bliss states to turn his advanced consciousness to developing and designing global healing missions through combining science with spirituality. He was a Master for this Age of Aquarius – inspired yet practical; a visionary yet also a realist.

When he left this earth plane in 1997, he left behind a legacy of Spiritual missions designed to bring help and healing to humanity which the organization he founded, The Aetherius Society, is continuing into the future.

This legacy includes several global healing missions such as Operation Prayer Power in which the spiritual, prayerful efforts of ordinary people are enhanced by advanced radionic equipment and then radiated to places of need and global disasters. This is conducted weekly in five centers of the world including The Aetherius Society in Royal Oak, Michigan.

As well as service to others, Dr. King also taught the importance of self-development. He devised simple yet effective and powerful spiritual practices. Ever the practical Master, he knew that the need was for spiritual action – not for self-perfection. The need is urgent, and the need is now.

After the passing of Dr. George King, the International Directors of The Aetherius Society named the path that he had taught us – King Yoga. This yoga is a powerful path of self-development through spiritual practices and world service that is relevant for our world at this time of increasing global crises, and relevant for this Aquarian Age.

On June 22, I will be giving a series of interactive classes on King Yoga on Saturdays from 11:00 – 12 noon. I hope you can join me. These classes will include a short talk and then practice, designed to help us realize our great spiritual potential. Each class will conclude with some aspect of service to others through prayer, directed intention, visualization and healing. Remember, this is King Yoga – no postures required! Chrissie Blaze


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