The Shower


Staying focused and balance is a personal achievement that many may struggle with.  Knowing how to remain in each moment can be valuable when presented with Life’s challenges.  With busy schedules, sometimes the only moment you may have to be totally alone is in the shower. Instead of worrying about the day’s activities, spend this time reconnecting with the Universal energy that is within you.  The following is a technique I practice daily:
Close your eyes and imagine the shower water is really a beautiful, glowing white light that is flowing from a perfect place of Love; warm, safe and covering you with protection.  As you begin to wash your hair, you imagine all the energy that is not of Love is being cleared of your aura, sent back through earth so it can be recycled with love.  While washing your face, cleanse yourself of any negative thought or energy that you projected. Remember that you are in this moment now, reconnecting with the Universe in your most vulnerable and perfect state of being.
Imagine now the conditioner going thru each strand of hair as if it were a sparkling cord that runs from the Universe, through your body, and into the center of the earth. Take a moment to feel this connection strengthen and build and sparkling even brighter, reminding you that you are one with the universe and Earth.  Reinforce this connection while washing your body, starting at the feet, asking Earth to replenish any elemental energy you may be missing, and keeping you grounded and centered throughout your day.  While washing your legs, ask the energy of the “magical” elements of the Universe to remind you to acknowledge your inner child and see the miracles of everyday life.  In the hip area, call back your personal power that you have passed onto others.  While washing your abdomen, think of your Spirit Guides and ask them to help you stay focused.  Acknowledge your personal Angels and Ascended Masters as you continue to wash your shell that keeps you on Earth.  Finally, while rinsing, give absolute appreciation to God, to the Universe, to Earth, and to yourself for allowing the time you have (feels incomplete here). Finish with a prayer or mantra that extends this connection.  Thank yourself and the Universe for taking this time to remember to stay in the present moment, use this feeling any time to get back to this place of “Oneness”.
I composed this technique from the many different authors that have influenced my Spiritual development. In my own life, practicing this daily for the past year has helped me gain inner confidence, find inner peace, lose 70 pounds and be content in everyday life. This feeling of sanctity is an amazing experience that I want to share with everyone.

Sue Krinke

Susanna has been a professional Psychic/Medium for the past ten years in the Downriver Detroit Area, building clientele from around the globe. She got her start at Clara’s House of Cosmic Energy, moved on to Boston Tea Room, and is now reaching out on her own.  You can contact her via email


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