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“The body remembers what the mind forgets.” J. L. Moreno

The human body has its own language of sensations. Listening to and observing bodily sensations is a key to understanding our own story and is essential to healing and well being. Our emotional, physical, environmental and spiritual history is recorded and stored in our memory at a cellular level in our body.  Through touch we can evoke more than physical sensations – – we can bring memories, feelings, fleeting images, and more to the surface.
Life is all about energy. Thoughts, feelings, pain and pleasure are all manifestations of energy moving through our bodies.  Sometimes negative energies become trapped in the body and accumulate over time ultimately manifesting on a physical level in the form of pain, disease or dysfunction.  Pain is an important sensation in the tissue that communicates to the brain that the body is under distress and needs assistance. Only when this physical and emotional stress is released can a state of well being, relaxation and equilibrium be restored.
According to Ian White in his book Psychosomatics, “We may focus on a mind related cause of physical distress as described in the principles of psychosomatic medicine, but rarely do we acknowledge that our depression, our stress, our anxieties live in the body.”  Repressed emotions cause muscular tensions, and if not released can become chronic and even permanent.
The gentle touch of Bowen therapy releases the repressed memory of body aches and pains.  The gentle awareness of body sensations is encouraged by the practitioner. The body’s response to the touch may be very strong or faint. These sensations as a result of restrictions and blockages generally indicate an area which has been traumatized in some fashion.
Having awareness of the sensations and observing them induces the healing process. All this is accomplished through the innate intelligence of the body at the appropriate time and place, and cannot be forced. An individual can generally connect the sensations felt in the body with some physical injury, emotional trauma, birth or any fearful situations embedded in the subconscious mind. Trust that as the energy pathways in the body are cleared of obstructions and trapped emotions, the pain, disease and dysfunction will subside.
The Bowen touch brings out what is hidden and provides great relief from long held chronic pain and stress. Bowen Therapy accesses the body-mind as a single unit for deep understanding and healing of the Mind, Body and Spirit. Accepting what you feel in your body is the beginning of the healing process.
BowenWork Therapy is a holistic and non-invasive approach to alleviating acute pain, chronic pain and psychosomatic illnesses: it stimulates deep relaxation allowing the body to self-heal. It initiates powerful detoxification, lymph drainage, improves circulation and much more.
Our bodies tell the stories of our traumas, even if there are no specific memories. However, the body has the inherent ability to reverse the disease state and restore itself to its original design and healthful state of being. Once the healing process is initiated with Bowenwork the mind- body connection brings it to completion. As soon as we tune into how we feel with our higher consciousness, a shift begins to happen.
“Clients receive the added gifts of increased body awareness, a stronger connection to self, a shift in deep-seated patterns, a more regulated nervous system, and a sense of mastery.” Peter Levine, Walking the Tiger
BowenWork Therapy can help relieve many painful and distressful conditions and allow you to get in touch with your inner self.  The mind-body connection makes Bowenwork an extraordinary healing modality. In most cases, it relieves 85% of all body complaints in 3 to 5 sessions.  The opportunity to be rid of knee, neck, lower back, shoulder, sciatic pain and the list goes on – is only one call away! The only thing you have to lose is unwanted pain and gloom.

Surrinder Arora M.S.

Surrinder is a Certified Bowenwork Practitioner. Bowenwork Energetics. 248-462-9674. you can email her at: BowenworkEnegetics@gmail.com www.BowenworkEnergetics.com

Discover what is ailing you and begin healing.  1st session is 20% off.


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