Sing Your Greatness into the World!!!


Sing Your Greatness into the World!!!
Your Greatness is your Authentic Self and it is right here, right now, already within you, waiting to be expressed. Express your Authentic Self and you will realize your much-needed presence on Earth.  We need all people to courageously sing the unique song they were meant to sing and to follow their dreams.  Remembering and then expressing your Authentic Self into ALL situations and with All people, raises the consciousness of the world.  The world needs you, to be YOU, in only the way YOU can.  Live your dreams, and express your truths.  “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  Mahatma Gandhi
Your Authentic Self is your God given gifts, your creative insight, joy, power, wisdom and the love that you already are.  To be able to fully become your Authentic Self you must be able to express it into the world.  In ‘giving away’ your Authentic Self (your joy, gifts, and acts of love), you become that which you are giving.

There are 3 levels of expression – Mental, Emotional, and Authentic Self. 
Mental Expression is what most of the world does.  This expression is based on what is right before our eyes.  It is based on the facts, which are from past experience, and has no ability to have greater insight about the future. 
Emotional Expression is based on how we feel about a situation.  Emotional Expression requires a person to have an awareness of his own emotions and a willingness to take responsibility for them.  Emotional Expression has the ability to create change and inspire hope in a person’s life. 
Authentic Self Expression has the ability to rise above ‘what is’ and to see the solution even when others cannot.  Authentic Self Expression is what can inspire another individual, a business, a country, and is the expression of great leaders.  Authentic Self Expression is your gift, passion or unique God given talents already within you.  This level of expression cannot awaken within a person if they do not have the foundation of Emotional Expression.

The level of our expression is directly related to our level of self-awareness and self-love.  Mental Expression, is not risky, and requires someone just to know theory, facts, dogma and data.  Nothing personal is revealed and nothing is exposed.  Emotional Expression is risky, and requires a person to have strength and inner courage to begin to reveal their inner truths.  It is amazing in our society, how we believe emotions are weak.  Would you listen to a leader who has no feeling, or passion behind what he says?

Effective Emotional Expression requires a person to take the time to know what he is feeling. Self-Acceptance and self-awareness is essential. Journaling is a great tool.  Write down your feelings, not to analyze and critique them, but to observe, feel, and understand.  Don’t try to do this in your head.  Getting out of the mind allows you to discover a greater truth and depth to life.   Your emotions are the key to developing your Authentic Self Expression and thus being able to express your gifts into the world.  Give your emotions compassionate attention on a daily basis and you will have the greatest tool to living an empowered, joyful life. 

 Emotional expression must start in our immediate relationships if we are to effectively use it in other facets of our lives.  Healthy emotional expression requires you to own the feeling, but still to reveal it, for your own sake.  For instance, speaking to your loved one, “I am sad that you don’t spend more time with me.  I know I can’t control your actions, but I have to speak how I feel.”  Owning, loving and expressing the sadness will allow you to release it.  You are responsible for loving yourself, and if you don’t express your feelings, no one will do it for you.   You are speaking this to honor yourself, and stand in your power.  You realize you can’t change the behavior of your loved one, but you have to love yourself, by speaking your feelings.  Owning your emotions and speaking them without trying to control another will lead you to greater self-expression, and self-confidence.

 Many times people resist speaking their feelings because they don’t think it will change the other person.  This is not about changing them, but transforming yourself into greater happiness and empowered expression.  You are saying what you are feeling to honor yourself, and not to argue the details and get caught up in an “I’m right and you are wrong discussion”. Emotional Expression, with owning your feelings, will lead to a positive change in the relationship, and open up your Authentic Self Expression to another level.

Many people are trying to find their purpose and passion is life.  But how can they express their gift into the world if they haven’t mastered emotional expression?  It is impossible.   A person will NOT face the risk of having their Authentic Self rejected if they haven’t yet faced the risk of emotional rejection.   The ultimate goal is expression without attachment to the reactions of another. Sing like the songbird in the morning; speak your emotions and later you express your Authentic Self for the simple joy of being alive.

The purpose in life is to remember your Authentic Self, and then express this greatness into your life in only the way you can.  Whatever you have a great interest in, or passion in, is your unique talent.  Your passion can be anything; accounting, mothering, cleaning, healing, beading, dog grooming, etc…  Follow your passion and you will discover a great talent within yourself.  Dare to express your Authentic Self fully into your own life!

Rev. Barbra White B.S., D.hom.

Rev. Barbra is a renowned spiritual teacher and creator of Self-Acceptance Transformation.  She has had many years of experience and multiple certifications.  Barbra is a powerfully gifted psychic, and is extremely compassionate. Her life’s mission is guiding others into the realization of their own greatness. 734-455-1438 or


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