Special Michigan Psychic Fair on Father’s Day, June 17!


The word “father” has different meanings for different people. Depending on your background and early beginnings, an image of a father can be joyous or it can be depressing. For most of us, it is somewhere in between. For the purpose of this article, I am going to focus on the positive qualities of a father. Here are twelve attributes of a good father:

1. Unconditional Love. A good father shows love unconditionally and helps support his children to become the best they can be.

2. Protection. A good father will help their children feel safe and secure.

3. Lessons. A good father will help their children learn their lessons so they can grow.

4. He challenges his kids. A good father will help his children to learn about setbacks so they can grow.

5. He is supportive and loyal. A good father will let his children know that he has their back.

6. He leads by example. A good father will be authentic in all he does.

7. He spends time with his kids. A good father will listen and spend time with his kids in their daily life.

8. He allows you to be you. A good father will accept that you are who you are and helps you to be the real you.

9. He helps you appreciate things in life. A good father will teach you to have a thankful heart!

10. He is open-minded. A good father will listen to you and respect you as his child. He will want the best for you.

11. He allows you to make mistakes. A good father will help you learn from your mistakes.

12. He will be a good disciplinarian. He will gently lead you out of trouble, and with love lead you down a straight path.

In history, we have had several images of a father. Jesus called God “Abba” the Aramaic word for father. In Christianity, the New Testament teaches us about a loving father. In Greek mythology “Kronos” is the father of Zeus, and fathers are always shown as strong. Paul is depicted as a spiritual father to the Corinthians, and had certain responsibilities towards their development.

So what about your father? He may have had all twelve of these attributes, or just a few. If you had a good example of a father, you are very blessed. For those of you that did not, I pray that you will have the opportunity to honor a father-type figure in your life. We should all be reminded that the attributes listed above can be in all of us, male or female. We all have masculine and feminine energy in each one of us! May each one of you be protective, loyal, helpful, and supportive, and fatherly to those who need guidance. These qualities are things we can all strive for.

On June 17, Michigan Psychic Fair is having a special psychic fair honoring all fathers and father figures. Our fair is in Chesterfield at the Hampton Inn, located at: 45725 Marketplace Drive. The fair starts at noon. Admission for fathers is free. Please bring that special male in your life, for a channeled message from his angels or an intuitive reading from one of our psychics. If you cannot come to our Father’s Day fair, come to one of the fairs listed on our website: www.michiganpsychicfair.org Email: michiganpsychicfairs@gmail.com We look forward to seeing you!


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