Spirit Voices of Birds


Birds live lightly on the planet; their beauty and freedom of flight make them a gift of joy and hope to us. They are a little closer to spirit than most creatures, and so often take the role of messengers from higher levels of consciousness.

Since telepathic communication is the direction we are heading in our spiritual evolution, I love to improve my skill by talking with the creatures in my backyard. My feeder, birdbath and bird house have made my yard a very busy place, bringing me hours of pleasure as I get to know the little birds that live right here with me. This spring was full of bird romance! The cardinals, whose soul qualities are beautiful, as well as their obvious beauty of color and song, won my vote for the most romantic out of all the mating couples. Two young cardinals, having newly reached mating age, their feathers exquisitely bright and fresh, just learning their songs, met and began romancing each other, very like any young human couple! They kissed a lot at first, whether on the tree branch, or while picking among the seeds on the ground (I didn’t know birds kissed! I’m glad people have lips for this instead of beaks!). Then they began stopping to gaze at each other while eating at the feeder, and passed food to each other. Once I saw the female give a drink from the birdbath to her guy. So much love! When I asked them for a message, they told me their spiritual energy is a gift of kindness and generosity. Wow!

I checked in with other songbirds, to see what their messages were. Goldfinches bring a sacred light. Chickadees, with the strongest and clearest spiritual voice I have ever heard, carry a spiritual gift of friendship and joyfulness. They told me to tell people to have more fun! The house wrens said they are just concerned with meeting their needs, but that they appreciated my yard, because it is a little easier here, and kinder here than other places!

I influence the birds too. One visible change came after a year of cleaning bird poo out of the birdbath – yuck! I asked the spirit of my maple tree, who dearly loves all the creatures that visit us, and the chickadees too, because they talk to everyone, to request that the birds leave their poos outside the birdbath so that it stays clean for all to use. I am pleased to say that they listened to this request, and seem to enjoy the benefits of it! Another wow!

I have had many amazing communications from the larger and less common birds. The red tailed hawk was my first bird messenger, leading me to a natural space of outstanding beauty and fecundity, right in the middle of a city. A few months later it became a building site, but I will always hold the memory of what it once was, as a sacred place in my heart. The day after 911 a red tail hawk messaged me three times, finally convincing me that we are not going to have WWIII! Any time a hawk lands near you, and stays, or circles overhead, take a few moments to listen with your heart open, to the message it has to give you. It will be well worth your time.

Sandhill Cranes are the most spiritual birds I have ever listened to. During fall and winter at dusk, they fly in long wavy lines, to congregate in groups of thousands in shallow marshy lakes. Their vocalizations are indescribable, but you can find a recording of them if you do a search on-line. Their voices are a direct link to The Cosmic Christ, which is the soul place that is home for all spirits, and to which we are ascending collectively in upcoming years. Listen to their vocalizations, and open your heart to gain a link to this memory, of where we started and where we all belong.

Many people feel their deceased loved ones visit through a particular type of bird; often a cardinal or a lark. There have been songs written about this, but I have also heard it from people I know. Birds are mostly spirit and just a little bit of physical. They often joyfully accommodate messages from our guides and good hearted spirit beings.

Watch the birds and listen to their songs; let them teach you and bring you peace and joy. Their personalities are absolutely delightful. As you get to know them, each type of bird is like a type of person, and their habits and society are always interesting and fun.

By Eve Wilson


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