Spring Cleaning and Renewal


Springtime is an opportunity for the soul’s cleaning, renewal, and revitalization. As the snows melt and the spring rains come, the world looks bright, new and clean. The trees start budding, the first growth starts emerging from mother Gaia, and we start waking up earlier and feeling more energized as the sun becomes more present. We become more physically active as the outdoors is more available and we soak up the warmth and energy of the sun.

With spring comes growth, renewal, and revitalization, within and without. And that includes us. This is a chance to start a program of renewal — revitalization and inner growth, to set our priorities and reconnect with our soul, with spirit. Just as the earth awakens and becomes energized, so can we. It’s really about choice and developing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual habits that focus our energies — promoting mental clarity, energetic bodies, emotional health, and spiritual connection and well-being.

This month lets give some focus to spring cleaning our energy to align with Mother Earth while building-up a store of energy for us and connecting with our soul. Take three deep breaths, focusing on breathing deeply into the belly, using your diaphragm. Breathe in the divine, cleansing light; breathe out any darkness or lower vibration until you experience a lighter vibration, a cleansing. Imagine a ball of divine light above your crown chakra.

Placing a finger on your root chakra, breathe in the divine breath into that chakra. Let the energy fill that chakra until you feel complete. Continue up the line of chakras, collecting energy and increasing focus as you go. With consistent practice, you can revitalize and hold your higher vibration as well as cleansing, longer and longer. You increase your ability to focus at the same time.

This is also a great time to go even deeper, acknowledging, accepting and then letting go of any emotion or thought that comes up. As you do, you will find yourself connecting with your soul, that highest part of you that is the divine light within — the part of us that is pure joy. Joy is always with you, no matter where you go or what seems to happen to you. Joy is a part of your core being, I promise you can get there. It’s just a process — like a seed sprouting into life and blooming — drawing and collecting energy from the universe.

With the ability for increased focus and energy collecting, producing increased rising vibration and frequency, your energy starts to sync with and is more open to connecting with your soul, your connection with the Divine. You start to be open to new experiences and possibilities. You start to experience life from a more Divine viewpoint — with love, gratitude, acceptance, and of course, joy.

You start to grow into your own self-realization and become your best self. Your highest self. Springtime is a great time to develop a routine to enhance and grow your mind and spirit. Cleansing the body, thoughts, and emotions with cleansing breaths allows the energy to flow unrestricted within. Keeping to a balanced and healthy diet helps release toxins that also prevent the flow of energy. The release of overprocessed hung onto, toxic emotions and thoughts also help cleanse the body, mind, and emotions, allowing you to connect with your soul, spirit.

Developing a time and place for meditation, a routine for healthy eating and exercise can help you achieve your desires for well-being and spiritual connection on your path of joy and self-actualization. Just remember — if you feel like skipping your routine more than a day, look to your ego’s negative self-talk, and remind yourself how great you feel after meditating and eating properly.

Connect with the Divine — renew all aspects of your life so that you can move forward living, being the divine joy, love and peace that you are.


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