Start the New Year with a visit to the Michigan Psychic Fair!


As we start the New Year here at Michigan Psychic Fair, I know the tagline for the New Year is, “A New Year, A New You.”

We are here to help you attain your future goals, letting go of old things from the old year, and there are many different ways that we can help you create a wonderful 2019.

Almost everyone makes some kind of New Year’s resolution; these are made with good intentions. Setting healthy goals that may be too high can sometimes fall by the wayside, as well as others that are not realistic and can’t be continued throughout the year. Some of these goals can be mental, emotional or some physical, in any case, STOP! It’s important to set attainable goals. God can help us reach our full potential. We at Michigan Psychic Fair will help you on your new path for the New Year and many years down the road.

We have beautiful stones and crystals for sale; they carry energy to help you in all ways in your life — some help with stress, love, healing, and emotions. In the New Year, put your crystals outside your door to the sunrise on New Year’s Day, or the full Moon to expand their energy.

Please come and see us — we put on fairs throughout the metropolitan area. We come to you, and we bring in different psychics every week. I also send an email out for you every week – with information as to where we will be. Visit our website for complete information, and we look forward to seeing you at the Michigan Psychic Fair!


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