Staying Young Forever


How can we stay in the springtime of our youth? We know we can do our best to stay in shape with exercise and nutrition which will help keep us young. It’s very concrete and self-explanatory, especially if you get a good coach.

What about your emotional, mental and spiritual states?
How do you stay young in those areas?

You can get a coach for those areas too. To keep emotionally and mentally young means keeping a child-like curiosity, creativity, and an open heart. We have the ability to continually learn and ask questions to grow with. Here are some of the things you can do to keep mentally young:

– Learn something new. It helps create neuroplasticity, creating new neuron pathways in your brain.

– Develop purpose in your life. This gives you focus, increasing your energy.

– Get enough sleep. The body, including your brain, heals during sleep.

– Read new books. This keeps your brain thinking.

– Do puzzles. They create different ways of perceiving the world and help keep you young at heart.

– Play games. Playing games you liked when young might be a start.

– Go out in nature. Studies have shown nature is emotionally calming and connecting.

– Doodle, draw, create and dance. Find the joy in creativity and movement.

– Smile and laugh more. This helps maintain an uplifting mood.

– Be spontaneous. Live and be in the moment.

– Re-discover your passion. It increases your energy and gets you fired-up.

There are also activities you can do to be youthful in spirit:

– Breathe. Visualize bringing in the energy of Source.

– Meditate. Connect with the Divine through guided or focused meditation.

– Journal. Document your inner growth.

– Go outside and connect with nature. When we connect with nature, we connect with the Divine.

– Be mindful. When you live each moment in the moment, there is only timelessness.

We are already timeless in a way because our spirits are timeless. The more we connect with spirit and be in the moment, the more we inhabit the energy of timelessness, a youthful spirit. We continue gaining wisdom while enjoying being young at heart.

The Dali Lama is a great example of one who maintains a youthful spirit while enjoying wisdom. We can all aspire to maintain this youthfulness of spirit while gracefully growing more mature. We can all have more fun, youthful exuberance and joy in life when we are connected with the Divine, connected with our heart and soul. We can stay young forever — body, emotions, mind, and soul.


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