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Reincarnation & Karma


Most likely, you have heard of karma and maybe have even explored the idea of reincarnation. But is it real? How does it relate to your life and how can you find out who you were in your past incarnations?

Karma simply means lessons to be learned during your lifetime. Unfortunately, people usually associate karma to payback or punishment for doing bad things. This is just not true. Negative karma created within your current life can result in a payback situation, however, keep in mind it is for our soul to learn, not as a punishment.

We can and do carry over lessons for the soul’s learning from another lifetime. In fact, when we enter our new life, we decide ahead of time what we need to experience in order to evolve our soul to the next spiritual level. It’s much like picking your classes for your next semester of college — including picking a major. Yes, we sometimes need to go through very difficult experiences to reach a cleaning of negative actions from other lifetimes. This is not punishment. These are lessons and your task is spiritual graduation.

The saying, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” keeps your perspective on how to conduct your life. Therefore, I have often talked about “paying it forward.” This means without thinking of any reward or recognition for your good deed, you give to another unconditionally and with joy. You will find that good deeds to your benefit will manifest as a result. Those unexpected miracles of life are from your positive actions toward another from this life or a past life.

What is reincarnation? Most people will associate reincarnation with Buddhism. Even though it is accepted in the Buddhist religion as part of the human cycle of life, reincarnation is not limited to a religious belief. There is too much evidence that has been gathered and verified showing past lives. How many times do we recycle our soul into a new life? Well, that depends on if you are a fast or slow learner.

If you follow the laws of karma as I have outlined above, you will evolve quickly. You will work through your human earth experience and move to another level of existence in another plane. More information on this is too deep to be covered in this article. However, I will put this into my book so you will have a full explanation of how we move to other planes of existence once we graduate the earth dimension.

When we choose to enter a new life, we pick our parents, situations, and lessons we want to evolve through. Sometimes our lessons are not for our learning, but for others in our soul circle or even for the greater good of society.

How many times do you reincarnate? That depends on your quickness in evolving through all your life lessons. Some souls can be as little as 10 lives, while others can have as many as thousands of cycles.

How do you find out who you were in your past life? Well, best to go to a qualified hypnotherapist. If you find that you are stuck in a difficult pattern in your life that seems to repeat or you have fears that hold you back from moving towards positive change and success, it might serve you to see a hypnotherapist. Bad habits like overeating or smoking may seem like a behavior problem only, however you may discover something is hanging on from another life that causes you to eat or drink to excess; likewise, smoking or acting on a polarizing feeling which drives unhealthy behavior.

For instance, if you are overweight and just can’t seem to get it under control, it could be that in a past life you did not have enough to eat. Perhaps you even experienced starvation and famine. Then in this life, your instinct may be to live without knowing the fear of hunger, but you haven’t yet found a healthy balance between feast and famine.

Through my psychic readings, I can see into past lives as well. In a reading, I see if my client is in a loop of repeating a lesson, such as feeling stuck or anxious, or picking the same type of relationship — only to fail and fall into a hopeless cycle of bad lovers. I can tune into the reason and see why and how to move forward, releasing the karmic lesson to be free to move forward.


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