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Ascension is the journey of soul and body by which we emerge from the swamp of our lower energies of hatred, fear, and destructive behavior, and evolve into our true potential of union with our own higher intelligence, purpose and love. This is an excerpt from my new book, Riding the Wave of Change – Hope Healing and Spiritual Growth for Our World, which is coming to print this month!

All life on earth is in the process of ascending — though sometimes our awareness of the positive changes can get lost in the challenges of the journey. There are two aspects of change which are essential to ascension and occurring simultaneously for individuals, for society and within nature. There is a necessary passing away of the way of life and being based on instinctual fear and greed.

Then there is the birthing of a world built on unity and wholeness, which has always been the ultimate goal of evolution. Ascension leads us into that new way of being by rebuilding everything from the genetic level up through a series of fractional reality shifts, allowing life to continue even as we die and are reborn bit by bit — body, soul, society and planet. This amazing transition is the cause of much that we find difficult in our world and lives right now; so, learning to ride these changes is essential for us all.

As a Spiritual Healer and Ascension Worker, part of what I do is help people manage these changes and make optimal use of the opportunities they present. Below is a partial list of dietary supplements which I have found can help during ascension while you are handling the stresses of change; and some practical tools to make it easier to surf the waves skillfully! Everyone is different, so use your own discernment about what will work best for you.


Garden of Life (brand ) Raw, organic and whole food, these supplements though sometimes lower in potency than other brands, are super easy for your body to utilize. They may be taken with or without food and the capsules can be opened and sprinkled in a drink or on food… and even taste good! Most supplements, though they may say they are natural, utilize some non-digestible sources which don’t help and may build-up or need to be processed out of your system. Many people notice a huge improvement when they switch.

Raw B Complex – feel yourself relax and notice how you smile and laugh more when you get your essential stress–combatting B complex in this whole food form!

Raw Vitamin C – your immune system needs C to help heal and clear toxins out of your body as you undergo the death and rebirth process of ascension, and fight-off illness. Being whole food, this C may be well tolerated even by those who have had problems using C in the past.

my kind organics multiple vitamin formulas – there are different versions of these whole food multi-vitamins for different ages and sexes. These are amazingly effective vitamins that can make you feel truly nourished!

my kind organic B-12 spray – a tasty way to lift your spirits in the midst of a trying day – B-12 is part of the B complex which helps handle stress and lighten moods.

Adaptogens are Supplements which help your body adapt to life in a positive way instead of being stressed or overwhelmed by circumstances. These generally increase energy, help you let go of physical and psychological stressors, and respond to life with a clearer mind and heart. Helpful in overcoming fatigue of mind and body.

Gaia Herb (brand) Adrenal Health or Stress Formula – These two adaptogen formulas have the same ingredients, but are labeled differently. The Adrenal Health is much less expensive than the Stress Formula – go figure!

ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops – evaporated and desalinated water from Utah’s Great Salt Lake – Ionic and PH Balanced, these drops give you many of the essential minerals you only need in trace amounts, but may be lacking. Equally important, they are very balancing of your PH. Trace minerals are necessary for the proper functioning of your body’s electrical system. An unexpected benefit I discovered as a Spiritual Healer — these mineral drops help you release toxic psychic energies you pick up from other people and circumstances. For instance, if you come home from the store, work or an event feeling like you are carrying unwanted emotional, mental and spiritual energies that aren’t yours, these will help you clear them, and even help you to not pick them up as easily! They also help you recover from poor food choices.

Cleansing Soaks:

– 2 cups of sea salt in a bath or ½ cup in a foot soak pulls out physical and psychic toxicity – rinse afterward!

– ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar in a bath or a few tablespoons in a foot soak does the same and is also PH balancing.

Power Animals: an ancient tool common to all First People traditions, power animals help you find the strength, courage and drive to overcome obstacles, face challenges, protect yourself and thrive physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Learn how to work with yours when you read Find Your Power Animal on my website:


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