What Surrender Means to Me


The word surrender used to scare me since I can be a controlling person, and a perfectionist. Surrender meant giving my power over to someone else. Could that person be trusted? Would I be safe? Would the job get done correctly? Does this sound familiar to you?

Slowly but surely, I have been willing to give up and surrender here and there in my life. What I have found is that with surrender comes relief, but first I have to detach from the outcome. When I do surrender, I find relief because I do not have to do everything myself, and I can even have someone else do “the job” so I can do something else. This is like feeding two birds with one seed. A win-win!

In addition, I have had to create an environment and surround myself with people whom I feel comfortable surrendering in and to. For example, when I lived alone as an only-parent in Chicago, I created a network of resourceful and fun women whom I could trust to care for my wonderful son, beloved pets or home when I would work late or go on vacation. Now that I have moved to Michigan, I have a boyfriend and a Big Brother for my son whom I can rely on. I am also blessed with a twin sister who lives nearby us. I totally trust her with my son, pets, and home, and she is our wise doctor. I ask her questions about our health, and yes sometimes even get advice about a sick pet.   Relying on competent and caring people has made surrendering easier.

But most importantly, I have learned that God is someone I can lean on, and trust, as I learn to surrender. All I have to do is be the best person I can be in this very moment, make decisions from that place, and let go of the outcome of things. This is called non-attachment. Surrendering like this means I do not have to worry, be angry, scared, or sad. Magically when I surrender to God and practice this non-attachment, I feel inner joy, peace, and total serenity.

So, if you are struggling with something or need to let go and live a more peace-filled life, try surrendering. Surrender to the help from competent loved ones. But most importantly, try surrendering your life into the care of God…by living one day at a time, being 100% in this moment, and not worrying about the outcome. When I am struggling with surrender, I recite:


The Prayer of Protection

The light of God surrounds us.

The love of God enfolds us.

The power of God protects us.

The presence of God watches over us.

Wherever we are, God is. 

And all is well.


Contributed by Faith Brower, President of the Board, Unity of Farmington Hills


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