Taking My Own Advice


By Pauline Dettloff

I wrote an article last month, and it was on addictions, and that changed my life, how you ask? I took my own advice!

I was pretty proud of myself because I always looked for that special pill. I was looking for something to help me improve my life, always looking for that magic substitute. Whining and thinking something would work or make it better. Instead of taking charge of what I wanted, I’d whine and ask everybody what they thought. I’m past all that now; I decided to ask my psychics from the Michigan Psychic Fair what their advice would be or what advice they took to live their lives by.
I’ll start with Todd, my energy healer at Michigan Psychic Fair. He said, “to stay in a vibration of love and follow your heart, and higher guidance.” That was awesome advice!

Then I asked Bernice who is the Psychic Medium; she believes in Affirmations and setting a tone for the day. Also, what could make her a better person today? I also believe in doing affirmations daily, and I have my Alexa give me one to start my day.

My Bethany, who is the Psychic Medium and has worked for Michigan Psychic Fair For as long as I have, said, “believing in yourself and your gifts.” A teacher told her that awhile back,” to abandon the need to know, and believe Spirit has your back.” I just love that, and it is so true.
Jim and Brandy a beautiful couple that are Aura Photographers and psychics & Mediums. Jim said, “Trusting your instincts, believing in your abilities to do whatever you want, and trusting the Universe.” Brandy said, “I am here right now, and I am grateful for this moment that makes up my life.” It is always important to live in the now.
I enjoyed listening to what they had to say about their advice and how happy they are. Happiness is something we need to have in our lives every day, like the Sun on our faces! ●

I’m so grateful that I have great Psychics, Mediums, and Healers working with me at Michigan Psychic Fair, and It’s truly an honor to serve the community in such a soulful way.

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