The Attitude is Gratitude


We have heard that the only moment we have is, now. Even quantum physics is picking-up on and proving this — that time is an illusion. When we realize that at this moment we have everything we truly need and that within this moment we are everything, we can allow ourselves to feel the deep gratitude that comes with this realization — gratitude that the universe always has our back.

Have you ever had a time when you felt that everything was going wrong, only to realize after self-reflection that you ended up better than you could’ve imagined? Did you allow yourself to feel grateful then? How about choosing to practice feeling gratitude every moment, as every moment is a gift from the Creator?

We all want to be our best selves and have loving and peaceful lives. Where do you think that starts? It starts with gratitude which leads to love and peace. Although most of us are seeking love and peace, most of us continue to seek it from outside of ourselves and never find it. We are still trying to find love and peace with a romantic interest to fulfill us, neglecting to feel gratitude and love with ourselves and the one we’re with — if we’re with someone who chooses to be with us. We are still trying to control, predict and keep ourselves separate from our True Self and the feelings of gratitude that happen when we integrate the love and joy we really are. We continue to feed the feelings of separateness, fear, unlovableness, and disconnection that we use as defenses against the limited beliefs of the ego.

The world we experience is the result of the lack of gratitude and connection with our True Self. We keep feeding the old limited beliefs that are not working and that started developing from a very young perspective. To experience the world differently, we have to choose to perceive the world differently and that starts with developing gratitude. It begins with our willingness to be open to looking at our belief systems and change them, to let go of the past and build upon our being in the moment of now. It means being open to feeling and thinking in a positive manner by connecting with positive emotions like gratitude, love, peace, and joy, and to dissipate the fear born of the ego and the subconscious mind.

There are many pathways that lead to self-actualization and inner peace. One of them is the path of gratitude. The giving, practicing, and perceiving of gratitude towards oneself and others is very powerful. It is one of the foundations of prayer. Those of us who wonder why we seem to create lives of lack and loneliness can look to practicing gratitude as a path of transformation and growth for self-actualization and inner peace.

If you are determined to change your life and your perceptions of it, and would like to create the life you desire and are interested in a guide, just contact me through the information below and let’s start this path together. Remember, being grateful, having love and peace, can be your way of life when you choose it!


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