Soulful Gratitude


The human consciousness subconsciously shifts from one mental state to another. Therefore, it is important not to attach to any one thought. When you maintain a connection long enough with a thought, it begins to gain momentum. From this momentum, it can take form in your energy field, creating your reality. When you consciously create from a state of gratitude your attitude changes, and you enjoy life through more abundance, appreciation, and health. I use the alphabet sequence E, F, G to help me remember that the “Essence of the soul is Forgiving, which gives rise to Gratefulness.”

How can you emotionally embrace the feeling of gratitude when you feel you are surrounded by ‘nothing’ to be grateful for? By connecting with your soul essence. It is human nature to hold on to hurt and pain. By doing so, you hinder the bond with your soul. When you ignore the gentle nudging from your soul, you give your power away to others. This makes the soul’s voice softer until it is no longer audible. Without this internal guidance, you are not connected to the feeling of gratitude.

Many books refer to the heart as being the seat of the soul. It is through the heart that you resonate with others, love, and forgive. However, the heart can be hardened by traumatic life experiences. This blocks the connection with your soul making it challenging to be grateful. There are various ways to begin cultivating gratefulness in your senses, such as spiritual intuitive readings, intuitive life coaching, meditation, reflection, and more. Read books, get a coach, or take classes to help you nurture gratefulness in your soul essence.

My wish for you is that your Thanksgiving holiday is filled with forgiveness, gratefulness, abundance, and health.

Namaste’ Billie Tobin, Psychic, Intuitive Life Coach, and Vibrational Healing Practitioner. Call: 248-789-1980 or visit


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