The energy is moving!! Yes!


By Leslie Blackburn

It happened! In a recent magical whirlwind of 24 hours: we saw and fell in love with the new space that will be our home/ Temple/ community space, made an offer and signed a purchase agreement AND received an offer and signed a purchase agreement on the sale of our Dearborn home!

We’re moving to Ann Arbor!

Join us at our next Temple Gathering to celebrate! The Sunday, Oct 6th Temple Gathering will be at a guest location near our new space in Ann Arbor. Please rsvp via email to get the location, even if you have joined us in the past!

Private sessions – there are still spaces available for private sessions in our Dearborn location through September 18th, contact me to book a time. Or book a free phone consultation if you would like support on whether this feels like a fit for you and how best to work together. I anticipate seeing clients in our new space in Ann Arbor in early October, please reach out about that as well.

The leadership program is shifting: I got exciting new clarity! Instead of the retreat portion of the program being 3 hours from here in western Michigan – the retreat is meant to be in our new space! Of course! The Universe works in powerful ways…I feel it coalescing! The dates, and location of the leadership program are shifting…

If you feel the call to this program: to learn tools for supporting other’s sexual empowerment, find your own voice in what you offer and feel the support of a community of fellow healers – please join us Tues Sep 10th 7pm Eastern for an Online Info Session (via Zoom) where I will share what is emerging in our process, and hear from you on what is alive as this powerful program is reshaping itself. Email to RSVP and for the link to the call. Let’s do this together!

Thank you for all the support and love!! Reach out in an email to book your session or book a time to share a call if you would like some support on how best to work together.

For more about Healing Trauma by Listening to Your Body, see my article published on “Awakening With” with Anya Light.

Much love! Leslie


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