The 21st Century Man


By John Ashbrook

Standing at the leading edge of this magnificent spiritual renaissance that is sweeping across our planet, is the 21st-century man. He is not alone. Standing with him is his natural partner and equal co-creator, the new age woman. Together, these two highly evolved individuals form a divine nucleus of perfect love and spiritual strength that provides the impetus for continual growth and movement towards peace and harmony for all of humanity.

The 21st-century man takes great pride in his evolving masculinity. He knows that he is helping to redefine the role of a man in society. He understands that he is much more than just a convenient left brain and he will not allow himself to be relegated to the boring fate of a computer. This man fully realizes that the less he fears and ignores and the more he embraces and acknowledges his inner intuitive presence, the greater his ability to fully unlock the unlimited potential of his divine masculine principle.

The intelligence and manifesting capability of the divine masculine are greatly enhanced when he intentionally accesses, listens to, trusts and acts upon his inner intuitive guidance. This connection with his intuitive right brain provides a constant stream of new and refreshing creativity that challenges, exercises, and strengthens the powerful intelligence of his left brain and prevents lapses into the mediocrity of robotic routine. The 21st-century man is absolutely secure in his masculinity, and therefore, never uncomfortable with his feelings – his inner knowing. When it comes to relationships and romance, the evolved man has some very high ideals. He is primarily interested in a woman for who she is as a person. He admires a woman who is independent, intelligent, expressive, and confident.

He looks for the partner who will inspire him to excel in his chosen endeavors as well as prompt his deep desire to support her in achieving her own hopes, dreams, and highest aspirations. He is patient and confident enough to let his partner set the pace of their developing relationship. It is not that he is laid back, he is simply too mature to be insistent. When the time is right to move forward, he is decisive and given the go-ahead, he knows how to use just the right amount of masculine force to make things happen and achieve mutually satisfying results.

The 21st-century man adores women. He honors them in every way he can conceive of. He is not threatened by his deep reverence for women and because he listens to and acts upon his own intuitive knowing, he is totally connected within, and therefore, never distant or indifferent. His own state of inner intimacy guarantees that he will share the depths of his soul with his partner. This man is committed to the pursuit of a spiritual life and he wants a woman who will walk a path with him, a divine path of mutual exploration, creation, and love.

The evolved man enjoys his work. Being productive is very important to him, but he does not let his career define him. He disciplines himself to explore other diverse aspects of his individuality. Prosperity comes natural to this man, but he will not be a slave to the material life. No matter how prosperous he may be in any endeavor if he feels that this way of expressing his individuality is old and worn out, he does not hesitate to re-invent himself. He knows that doing something he truly enjoys will fulfill him in a myriad of ways, not just financially.

The new age man does not seek greatness. His ego is healthy but not dominant, nevertheless, he is great. His greatness is subtle but real, it lives in silence and that is his preference. It shows itself every day in his sincerity, his decency, his kindness, his compassion, and generosity. This man truly gives of himself unselfishly, to everyone he comes in contact with. He does so with a friendly smile, a kind word, and his honest recognition of their special individuality.

The 21st-century man does not take himself too seriously, he maintains a subtle, refined sense of humor; he is sensitive and playful. But do not let his cheerful, mild-mannered demeanor fool you, he is no pushover. Behind all of it, he is a well-balanced powerhouse of intuitively guided intelligence capable of bringing faith and force together, in perfect harmony, fostering creation and the manifestation of his wildest dreams.

John Ashbrook is a professional numerologist and intuitive spiritual counselor. He teaches a comprehensive Spiritual Development Program that combines ongoing classes with Individual Guidancev sessions to maximize personal growth. For information about private consultations, classes and other services, please call John at 734-326-3433.


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