The Energy of Thoughts


Invisible waves of energy are all around us. We can’t see or sense a cell phone signal, however, it contains volumes of information. Likewise, our thoughts are energetic. While they may seem private and personal, our thoughts project energetic waves out into the world around us, affecting everything and everyone they come into contact with, including US.

If you think for a moment that this isn’t true, here’s some food for thought. When I provide readings as a Psychic/Medium, much like a cell phone, I’m connecting with energy, and the information it contains. Not unlike a phone or radio signal, the information is transferred through vibrations that are carried within the energy that emits from your body. Or, in the case of those who have transitioned, the information is carried within their soul’s energy. By receiving validation from my clients, it becomes abundantly clear that these bits of information are in no way random.

Knowing this to be true, what kind of data are you sending out? Policing your words and actions are obvious ways to project a loving and positive presence in the world, however, all too often we don’t fully appreciate the incredible power of our thoughts. We’ve all had those times when we’ve met a person whose actions and words were kind, but a gut feeling conveyed a much different story. You may have found out later that their intentions were not pure, providing validation for that earlier, intuitive feeling. That’s a perfect example of how the energy of a person’s thoughts carry information out into the world around them. But, what about the impact of our thoughts on our own well-being?

Allowing negative thoughts, or I as I like to call it, stinkin’ thinkin’, you are limiting the scope of what you’ll be able to accomplish in your life. You may not “believe” that you’re unworthy of goodness and abundance, but if your mind is being filled with negative thoughts about yourself, and what you’re capable of, and those statements are accepted as truth, they become a part of your subconscious belief system. Those beliefs then form a framework which determines what you are capable of. Whether they’re true or not doesn’t matter. If YOU believe them to be true, they become YOUR truth.

The negative thoughts can originate from a source outside of us as well, and be just as powerful. Many adults deal with feelings of inadequacy that hold them back from reaching their full potential, and can’t consciously understand why. Since the subconscious mind never takes a break and is continuously recording data, events, and situations (from a very young age, or even a past life), the beliefs that have been recorded can control our ability to achieve success. When we’re able to uncover the underlying reasons for our thought patterns and begin to understand them from a different perspective, we can literally rewrite the data in our subconscious mind related to that event and clear away any residual effects from the old “beliefs”.

If you find it difficult to control your thoughts and reactions to life, you may want to consider tapping into the subconscious mind for answers. Using a combination of Spiritual Guidance and Hypnotherapy, I provide my clients with the tools needed to unravel the mysteries behind the behaviors, beliefs, and habits that they wish to change, freeing them to move forward confidently in their lives.

Remember, not only do “thoughts become things”, thoughts are powerful, energetic life-changers. Never underestimate the power of your thoughts — about yourself or the world around you. If I can help in that process, please feel free to call me for a free consultation.

Namaste’, Susan


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