Transformation and Moving Towards Self-Actualization


Springtime is a great time to do some inner and outer work; cleaning and processing anything that has held you back from achieving your greatness, your goals … your self-actualization. It’s an opportunity to let go of anything and anyone that has held you back from your journey of self-awakening.

It is a great time for us to wake-up and be mindful of the lives we’ve created, consciously or unconsciously. It’s a great time for inner reflection and processing unhealed/unrecognized emotions, behavior patterns, negative thoughts and programming — and anything, anyone, that no longer serves us and keeps us from connecting with our Divine Self, keeping us from our own self-actualization.

When we keep ourselves ruminating over people and experiences that we perceive negatively, we build cages that entrap us. Those patterns keep us asleep, keep us in the past. How about looking at your thought processes and relationships you have in life so you can really observe, like watching a movie, and see what you are getting out of holding onto those experiences. If you don’t like what you see and feel, try allowing yourself to feel the emotions involved so that you can process them and let them go. Very often, all it takes is to really allow yourself to feel the emotions and realize the thoughts that are coming from the experience; start processing and reprogramming your negative thoughts and feelings to those that will serve you as a light-bringer, living from love and gratitude.

Your past helped make you into the strong, resilient and resourceful person you are. Now is the time for processing and transforming those old experiences into positive ones so that you can be in the present moment as a wiser and higher vibrational being. As you process through old emotions and re-work old programs of thinking, there is space for love and gratitude. With love and gratitude comes forgiveness for yourself and others. Your vibration rises and you are able to develop stronger into your experience of self-realization, going within to grow mindfully, letting your light shine and transforming into the Divine Self you truly are.

Take the time this spring to do some inner and outer cleaning! A way to start is to meditate outside, feel the energy of Mother Earth, smell the fresh scents, listen to nature, feel the crisp air, the sun on your face, the soft grass. Allow yourself to let Divine energy flow through you from the crown chakra down through your spine, through your root chakra, and into Mother Earth’s molten core. Connect with Her energy. Then bring the energy back up through your root chakra all the way up and out your crown, connecting with the Divine. And feel the peace… feel the connection. Let the energy fill you up, recharging your battery, transforming and clearing any negativity while filling-up with positive and healing energy.

We are all connected, so the more we process emotions and thoughts that no longer serve us, transforming them and bringing a higher vibration into our energy, the more our collective consciousness raises in vibration. This allows us as a species along with Mother Earth, to transform, to transition to a higher way of being, more deeply connected with Source’s higher vibration and guidance. It’s always your choice to take the path of transformation and self-actualization. Remember — you are love, you are loved and supported by the whole universe.

By Miche Lame’


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