The Intelligence within All Life


All forms of life have divine intelligence; some more obviously than others. For example, humans and dolphins, although sometimes human intelligence may be questionable! Here are stories of actual encounters with intelligence in unexpected places and how energy work can raise consciousness.

When my daughter as a small child asked for two gerbils, one black and one white, the black one had been poisoned. I bought the black one and its white and beige siblings. After extensive healing on her tiny central nervous system and organs she revealed an unusual level of intelligence which I attributed to her systems being ascended to a higher vibration from all the healings. She came when she was called! She would follow my daughter up and down the stairs and around the house as she called its name. Neither of the other two ever did this.

One of my students had a cat that was peeing on her husband’s work projects. When doing a healing with her I found she had a very low level of consciousness for a cat, so that I couldn’t communicate with her telepathically, which is how I work on animals. Her human friend confirmed that she was not smart. Rather than use her paw to open a crack in the door wide enough to enter a room, she would complain until someone opened the door for her. Her higher self gave me permission to ask for some ascension work on her brain, nervous system and endocrine glands so that we could talk better, which worked and we resolved the issue around her peeing. Immediately after the healing she went to the door and opened it with her paw, as if to say, “I heard you say I was too dumb to open the door, but not anymore!”

All of my life I spoke to trees, but they didn’t talk back until I was pregnant with my daughter. Years later, on retreat in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, I was walking along the Lake Superior Shore and noticed that the trees felt unusually awake and communicative. I was amazed at the variety of conscious intelligence they displayed. Certain of them felt young and self-involved, but able to communicate with me. Some felt more mature and interested to talk with a human, and exhibited a loving energy. One big, healthy, beautiful white birch was like meeting an ascended master. She put out so much light and energy, I was awed. On my return walk I stopped to introduce myself and appreciate her magnificence. Her firm but loving reply blew me away. She said “You don’t have to yell, I can hear you perfectly! ” (I was talking telepathically, but now I knew I had been projecting stronger than I needed to!). Then she said “I’m very busy here, I’m teaching right now.” I realized that she was teaching the other trees, and that was why they were so unusually conscious and communicative. There was also a gnome in that particular forest that spoke to me out of its tree when I sat to eat my lunch. It wasn’t especially intelligent, but it was very funny and interesting.

A surprisingly intelligent creature is a spider. Spiders are life forms that usually carry the soul of a Divine Being. This very high level of consciousness (also present in whales) is responsible for weaving the foundational energy structures for life on this planet. It is interesting that theory says that wherever you are there is always a spider within 12 inches of you. I realized the intelligence of spiders after going through a period of intense encounters with them. Walking in the woods, I’d collect their webs on my face and head. They would drop down right in front of me while I worked, or hang above me while I slept. A couple of students saw them spiritually in my aura. Finally I got the message and tuned into one of those little albino ones that always used to creep me out. I encountered such a huge intelligence in that little body that I was stunned and awe-filled. I feel blessed now whenever I see one of these little and powerful friends.

When I need my dog to do things my way, and his doggy consciousness sees things differently, I talk with him telepathically. Sometimes if his higher self is willing, I ask the healing guides to ascend his energy systems so his animal consciousness can grasp why my way is better for our lifestyle. I try to respect that sometimes his way is truly better for him and not compromise his well being as a dog. I feel we have struck a peaceful balance with this. There is a certain appeal for him in being more like a human and yet I like him being a dog best. What a wonderful thing doggy consciousness is, I think we could be more like them and benefit by it as well. Unconditionally loving, loyal, supportive, playful and always happy to see you!

Through the ascension process, the vibration of life rises to connect more with the intelligence of divine spirit. Over the next few years, we will recognize intelligence increasingly in every form within our world. Truly something to anticipate!


Eve Wilson, Director/creator of The Healer Development Program, a full time UCM Healer Practitioner and trainer of healers since 1986, works with a person’s aura and higher consciousness to assist their evolution and heal the cause of issues. She works actively with planetary healing and ascension.,, 734 780-7635.


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