The law of attraction and service


Have you been trying to activate the law of attraction in your life with little luck?

Try this proven method….. 8 hours of true service….. true service is when you are focused  entirely on the person you are serving or the job at hand. When you use all your talants, energy and focus toward a good cause…… you can attract anything you need. 

For those that say… I have no job or work or place or person to serve……

There is need everywhere ……

Every person you meet has need, use your strong healthy body to take out the trash for the neighbors, shovel their snow, drive to the grocery store and carry out bags, any honest work is good work, serve where you are, serve where you can.

Use your mind to mentor a child, teach people to read, use your strong communication skills to write resumes for the unemployed, sit and listen to someone in a coffee shop. Give them the gift of knowing that they live in a world that is filled with caring, giving, loving people.

Work for a small business owner for under pay to help them get established, the bigger job will come along when you are ready to truly serve it.

Give a smile to a stranger…don’t try to add up the cost of a smile, that would be like counting the air you breathe, breath in, breath out, try to breath in more than you put out and you will be out of balance.

So it is with service, serve 8 hours a day, play 8 hours a day, rest 8 hours a day…..

Service is your giving and so it is given back to you, and your life becomes full, it has meaning and purpose and all your needs are met…

You stop asking others to be of service to you because you are so strong and your cup is running over with love and money and joy and all the things you delight in…

You understand that the law of attraction is nothing without the law of service…

You practice it and you preach it, you’ve learned it and now you live it and life is GOOD!

So it is the law of service…… try it, you’ll like it!


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