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The Lover Card


Today I decided to write on the Lover card in the Tarot deck that has to do with lovers. This is an exciting card that makes people very happy and very sad at the same time. One of the reasons is that everybody wants a love affair that is exciting for the rest of their lives. That is my wish for all of us. The Lover card is the six of trump, a major arcana card in most traditions of the Tarot deck. The meaning of the Lover card represents a relationship and choice; it’s a spread indicating some decisions.

The Lover card shows a naked man and woman and the archangel Michael whose name means, “God heals” and represents both physical and emotional healing and that you’re blessed. This card also reminds the man and the woman of their union with the divine and about an existing relationship. When reading the Lover card, there’s a card in front and a card behind. The card before the lover card has to do with the past, and the card after the lover card has to do with the future. There’s always the negative side to a card as with all the cards; separation, infidelity, past relationships that didn’t work — like a trust issue.

Choices of the heart of the potential partner, aspects the life to be sacrificed; a bachelor/bachelorette lifestyle may be a sacrifice in a relationship or potential partnership. There are so many reasons a relationship could end including guilt, shame, family, children, money, job, laziness. Sometimes, in our potential partner at the beginning of the relationship, we see no fault, we see no danger. All we see is that we can make it work or that we can change things, we can fix a potential partner. WE CANNOT CHANGE AN INDIVIDUAL OR FIX SOMEBODY. IT IS WHAT IT IS. But we keep trying to make it work whether they are a female or a male. It doesn’t matter, we never want the relationship to end, we want it to be better, to make it work.

This card gets sticky, we all want a relationship that is happy and beautiful and wonderful; but in life, there are always things that happen, things that are not in our control. So many relationships start out beautifully and then something goes wrong. If you don’t have the trust and strength to believe in each other, the relationship will end. This is where unconditional love comes from, because when you love somebody you will do anything to fix it, to make it work, and your faith in God and the universe are there to support you.

At Michigan Psychic Fair our psychics are here to help you understand why sometimes your relationship doesn’t work, to give you the insight and guidance as to how to work through it, because when your heart hurts, it’s very hard to focus on a life that’s beautiful!

As always love ♥and light, Pauline Dettloff


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