The Power of Mother Earth – Why Your Earth Sign is as Important as Your Sun Sign


As a professional astrologer for over 30 years, I am challenged by the increasing complexity of astrology with now nearly 150 fixed stars and meanings available, quite apart from the apparent influence of the asteroids. Personally, I have been able to give the most helpful advice to my clients by focusing on simplicity. For example, if a person can truly understand, embrace and strive to utilize one fundamental aspect of his birth chart such as the Sun Sign, he can make tremendous strides in his growth and evolution.

Even more fundamental to our growth and even our very existence, is what I call “Astrology’s missing planet”, that is the Earth upon which we live, breathe and, hopefully, evolve.

My own Spiritual Master, Dr. George King, taught me so much about the beauty, power and influence of this great Living Intelligence, Mother Earth, and I have learned that, through consciously reconnecting with Earth’s power, we can find harmony and sanity amidst the chaos, and transform our way of thinking.

I finally realized that now was the time for me to write about the influence of this planet upon which we live. I would do everything I could to bring it to the attention of not just the astrological community but also to the public and did so by writing the book, Earth: Astrology’s Missing Planet – Reconnecting with Her Sacred Power.

How to Find Your Earth Sign

The Sun and Earth are exactly opposite each other in your birth chart, so you may always feel this pull, as if your life is somewhat of a balancing act. Well, life is indeed a balancing act; but it is always good to remember that the Sun is the center of this solar system, and it is also the center of our lives.

First, try and center yourself in the positive attributes of your Sun Sign, and from there, draw and use the power of your Earth Sign and the power of the other planets.

For example, if you have the Sun in sensitive, cautious Cancer, express this side of yourself through a group, family, or friends; but don’t neglect to use the great power of your Earth in the opposite Capricorn. For an enlightened Cancer, they will not be satisfied with a purely personal life, but will be ambitious to achieve, strive, and reach their spiritual goals. In other words, the more aware person will naturally use the power of their Earth Sign; for others, it is a learning process.

See future articles for brief analyses of the Earth Signs – but why wait – pick up a copy of my new book, Earth: Astrology’s Missing Planet (thank you in advance for supporting my work!). In this book, you can study what I believe is the first in-depth astrological analysis of the Earth Signs drawn from my over 30 years experience, study and practice as a professional astrologer and student/teacher of the spiritual sciences. You will learn how, by drawing on this power, you can make more sense of your life, find your dharma or destiny, and use this power to help bring your dreams into living manifestation.

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