The Shadow Self


The Shadow Self
By Miche Lame

We have all heard of the Shadow Self. According to Jung, this shadow self is kind of like the Freudian Id. This is an unconscious part of our subconscious, which our consciousness is in denial of or keeps in the shadows. We all have unconscious aspects of ourselves that we keep in the dark, judging them as unacceptable.

These shadow aspects that we deny, we eventually lose connection with, yet they are still part of the subconscious programming we act from when triggered. A program, an aspect that is now predominant and comes out when we least expect it – or remains hidden from fear of negative judgment from others, or even perceived as threatening to someone else’s ego, who may try to shut it down. A program lives in the shadows of your subconscious yet is still there. It is part of our survival defense system.

The shadow determines how you see yourself and which program you will choose to use and react as – and is the source of our most basic inner conflicts and derives how we react in situations that trigger us. And, even though this shadow appears to be weak and inferior, undesirable, it really is a source of energy and power- and when we make friends with this shadow self, we regain this energy/power, as well as remove a block to connecting with our Higher Self, and Source.

Your Higher Self is actually all of you – including your light and dark shadow. As you accept and make friends with your shadow self, that shadow self changes, losing some of its power and allows you to be your True Self and have the ability to use your free will to make choices instead of getting hijacked by the shadow or the inner programs you developed as a child.

You become whole, more than the sum of your parts – your Higher Self. This shadow aspect is an aspect of you, you don’t want to be, to accept, and yet, you have an unbreakable bond – and this bond was formed in a time of need – can you allow yourself to feel gratitude for its hard work? Would you be willing to let the light of the Divine in and illuminate these aspects of you that you keep hidden in the shadows? Would you be willing to see and accept these aspects and be whole? Become your Higher Self?

I encourage you to be open to the possibility that there is nothing to fear from your Shadow; the fear is just your creation to let go of. Have an incredible journey of discovery!


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