Unsure of Your Future Path?


Are you unsure of your future path?

By Wendy Powers Nugent

Everyone knows, of course, that the future is an unknown, or is it? From a psychic’s point of view, they know the future can be seen, but sometimes predictions do not unfold as expected. Why or how can that be! 

I have a very good reputation for my accuracy of seeing into the future, but at times things don’t seem to pan out as predicted… What happened? As most would explain that timing is often to blame; however, I feel there is more to the story.  

When we come into this world, we choose our life path in order to learn certain lessons (karma) while in your Earth experience. Some of us will pick difficult lives; nothing seemed to be easy or fair. I know that you may believe that you are being punished, but in truth, you are experiencing difficultness’s that your soul needs to find solutions to. Everything is to move your soul forward. I know first hand the pain, sorrow, and loss of life.  

We all live with the fate of bad decisions and darkness. However, as we mature spiritually, our intuitive self evolves to turn on the light of awareness so that you will walk your path connected to the universal mind of God through your higher consciousness. Otherwise, listen to that little voice and trust in the answers to the issues you are working through. 

Going back to why a psychic may seem to have not foretold your future accurately, well, most likely, you had a big hand in this scenario. Psychics may accurately see your chosen life path, but ultimately, you need to listen to your higher self and make a good decision. We all have free will – nothing is guaranteed! We must learn to trust in ourselves and our intuition. 

Going to a good psychic can validate your insights and give a clear picture of the future, but if you are fearful and do not want to face difficulties or possibilities, you may be stuck for a long time in a fearful, unsure place. You may start getting angry or even sad and depressed. 

I will give you an example: I had a client text me to say that in her reading of the year before, I predicted she would meet a new man after she left the current toxic relationship that she was in. Sadly she was very distressed and said I did not give her a good reading because this new man did not come into her life!

Now COVID aside (timing), I decided to re-look at her energy and see what the problem may have been. Could I have missed the mark on this reading? It turns out after I relooked at her life path, the issue became clear, she had not left the very toxic relationship she was in because she was afraid that she would end up alone. She could not meet the true love of her life until she left the current one. 

This toxic relationship was not only bad for her, he was getting worse, and the abuse was starting to show up in their relationship with greater frequency. 

Now she had her own place; in fact, he was mooching off her generosity. Looking at this closer, I realized this was a matter of her self-confidence, not a misreading. In explaining this to her, she agreed to start therapy and meditation to make a better decision for her future. As of this writing, she has left the toxic relationship and, of course, that left the path open for her perfect divine mate to enter her life, all as originally predicted. 

Sometimes we have fears step between us and the future of what we need or hope for. 

Seeing a therapist or learning meditation can be immeasurable to opening up your intuitive side and allowing your life path to unfold as you prechosen. Going to a good psychic is an important step to seeing what is ahead as many people lose sight of their life path.  

Once the light is put on your path by your intuitive counselor, you can work with the fate you chosen. Often, just releasing fear helps tremendously to move forward so your soul can complete the mission you choose in this lifetime.     


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