The Strength of Confidence


By Susan deCaussin

This month’s theme of “strength” is multi-faceted; as a writer, there are many different ways that I could run with it. One aspect that comes to mind in the area of strength is that of confidence. Now, I’m not talking about the type of confidence that lets you stand up and speak in front of a large crowd or fearlessly try something you’ve never done before. I’m talking about that deep-down feeling of sureness that a person has when they can move in the direction of the things they enjoy without looking for, or needing, outside approval. This kind of confidence doesn’t just provide a feeling of satisfaction at the moment but gives you a lifetime of purpose and joy.

While it may seem that pursuing things that really make you happy would be a no-brainer, you’d be surprised at how many people forgo their own happiness for the wants, needs, and approval of others. In the end, they find themselves living a shallow and meaningless life that’s filled with routine and monotony. These are the patterns that can bring about depression and hopelessness, which seem to be running rampant these days. Just look at all of the anti-depression and anxiety medications being advertised continuously.

There’s a recurring theme with so many of my clients. They’ve lost their motivation and have become focused on negative thinking. While this can be a sentiment that’s shared by many, there are a number of different reasons why one may have arrived at this point. For some, it can be an issue of worthiness. When you don’t feel worthy, you can exhibit self-sabotaging behavior that will hold you back from experiencing happiness in your life. Sometimes it’s simply due to the pressures of society to move through life in a predetermined way – making you feel trapped and denied of those things that would truly bring you joy. And sometimes, it’s due to social media, which programs our minds to only see and focus on what’s “wrong” in the world.

Regardless of what may be responsible for bringing you down, when you’re confident in yourself and your ability to control your own happiness, it erases the need for outside approval and paves the way for a joy-filled life. It all begins with rewriting the programs that have been impressed upon you by society, the media, and your past life experiences. Those programs which have made you feel unworthy or have caused you to adopt limiting beliefs, which are now holding you back from the things that would provide purpose in your life.

Your life is fueled by the power of your thoughts, like a car is fueled by gasoline. What are you putting in that tank? High-octane thoughts are the ones that break down the barriers between where you are and where you want to be. They overwrite the patterns created by negative influences and replace them with a feeling of empowerment and – you got it – confidence!

While it’s possible to make a conscious decision to remove negative influences from your life by avoiding certain people, situations, and even social media, sometimes it can be helpful to pull in additional resources to accelerate positive change. Surround yourself with people who uplift and inspire you. Don’t be afraid to ask for some guidance. And, if you’ve tried everything on a conscious level but still feel stuck, consider some Hypnotherapy to shift the subconscious level of your mind. By doing so, you’ll be able to change the way that you see the world and take back control of your happiness.


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