The Sweetness of Summer


by Eve Wilson

The scent of soft breezes off the lake…blue skies with shifting clouds…birdsong delighting ears…sunlight reflecting off water and making rainbows on eyelashes – did you ever notice those rainbows? – … juicy sweet freshness of watermelon. Farmer’s Market: fresh sweet corn, herbs, and flowers, amazingly alive produce.

Summer is a delight to the senses and a healer for our hearts, minds, and souls. Taking the time to immerse and enjoy the experience is a choice that, as adults, requires us to surrender stress and the demands of life in order to relax, be touched, refreshed, and healed.

Stress cramps not only the muscles of our shoulders and backs but also our minds and hearts. It restricts the flow of energy and life through our bodies and souls. Summer is a remedy for that! Sunshine, fresh breezes, and natural sounds can melt those cramps if we make the time for it.

Inside each of us is a child. Have you loved and played with yours lately? Let the child out and reclaim your awe of life. Be awed by the alert posture of a deer as she protects her fawn.

Let the flight of a bird remind you how the freedom of your spirit can lift you to soar with a joyful new perspective and confidence in yourself. Sit beneath a tree on a sunny day and let the sound of wind in its leaves and the dappled light awaken flexibility and ease of thought and emotion.

No muscle can work endlessly without relaxing. Once cramped, it becomes increasingly weak. And may I say that while watching TV and movies is relaxing, it doesn’t refresh body, mind, and heart like time spent outdoors on a fine summer day or evening.

Even getting caught in a summer rain can be amazing if you let yourself enjoy it! The wind whipping up the trees, the sky suddenly dims under thick grey clouds and thunder in the distance—the first flash of lightning and the splat of big fat drops. The power and sound of it is stimulating. Getting wet when hot is not so bad! Running for shelter pulls laughter and joy from hearts and bodies. Life is amazing!

Just writing this makes me feel alive, refreshed, calm, and happy. I hope you feel refreshed too!

Once you are refreshed and happy, you are in a perfect space to do something spiritually potent and important! Invite your own true Higher Self to awaken within, to lift you into unity and unconditional love.

We are at an important transition in our world now. We are already halfway through the ascension process, which is transforming our world. It became our focus in 2012, and over the past ten years, it has been kicking butt! Most people notice that things haven’t been working so well in our society. But looking from a higher perspective, what has been happening is a removal of the state of separation between human and divine. For that to occur, what has been created during that separation (which began at the dawn of creation and has continued to build during all that time) needs to back off and make room for unity and co-creation with the Oneness of a better reality. Toward this goal, energy and focus has been withdrawn from the old familiar ways we do things. Covid has seen to that!

Now we are entering the rebuilding phase, and we can participate in that by inviting the Higher Intelligence and unconditional love of the One to enter our lives and world and to enlighten our choices and actions. Not just the big things like politics and prosperity but also the small choices of our relationships and days. We are weaving unity between the One and our daily reality when we choose moment by moment to partner mind, heart, and willpower with our own unique and eternal Higher Selves whose presence lies within us.

Relaxing on a summer day can be a perfect opportunity to open to that unity and then co-create from that partnership a more enlightened and beautiful experience within our own little bit of Earth. Try it and see what miracles flow through your life. Then practice it wherever you are.


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