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Stop the Stupid Dumb Fearful Stories

Stop the Stupid Dumb Fearful Stories

by Barbra White

Just Stop! Anything other than peace in your mind- is not true.

 Your stories of not being good enough are pure 109% unadulterated bull.

 Yes…I get it…they seem real.

 But really?

 Never once in the hundreds of stories I’ve heard have their stories of “not being good enough” ever been true…

 No one is broken

 You Are Fundamentally Good

 You only truly suffer when you attach something to your worth.

 Do you think the energy that creates universes lost your file?

 Or made you from leftover material?

 Stop it.

Humbly accept what you’ve already been made to be

You Are Love


 Feel your wholeness

 Come home to yourself

 Sanctify your mind

 Sanctify your body

 Sanctity your speech

 Then, God will show up

 —Declare daily —

 “Thank you for my body made from the dust of mountains, thank you for my blood that is from the oceans -thank you for the volcanic fire of divinity that is my very being. Thank you for this life.”

 Honor what you’ve been given ….Sanctify

 All of Nature and the Animals can help you wake up

 Relax into the humble embrace of your pet.

 Soften your defensive paralysis into the touch of a tree

 Let yourself be held

 Are you confused?—its because you think you have to figure it all out.

 There’s nothing to figure out.

 Life flows without your meddling

 Listen inward

 Stop the mental arrogance


 Divine order



 Divine intelligence HAS IT FIGURED OUT

 You just need to Stop

 Listen inward

 You will be guided

 The voice of God is within you

 F*#king God within!!

 Baby steps into the unknown, and you align with the Grace or Flow seeking to help you.

 No guidance comes?

 That means be still even more.

 Surrender again

 Don’t be so focused on the fruit that you forget to grow roots.

 Again and again.

 Let go of the b.s.

 Honor what you’ve been given.

 Sanctify your mind, body, speech, and all beings around you benefit in your presence.

 Love you. Need you. ALL beings are holy

 (Holy–meaning already whole)

Love, Barbra WhiteCrow 

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