The World NEEDS YOU!


“Do everything you can to relieve human suffering from your compassionate heart AND at the SAME MOMENT see the PERFECTION in it all…even your need to get rid of it.” Ram Dass

See the harmony or the karmic reason in the suffering AND take action. See only suffering and it will overwhelm you, and never feel enough. You become a bleeding heart.. See only the perfection or “it’s just karma” and you miss the compassion….. Dark and light are all part of omni-present force called God…and your Life….

How do you see the perfection IN the suffering?

You must first feel this truth in your own heart. Compassionately witnessing and feeling your emotions and thoughts are key to seeing the harmony in the chaos on Earth. As you see Love within yourself; you act, and speak from a place of peace, thus becoming a vibrational tuning fork for the peace within others.

Try to see the good before you have made peace with the darkness within and you will unknowingly force yourself to wear a pseudo positive painful mask. All of you IS Love, the humanity and your divinity.

As you open to life and love…love will flow to you and from you. As you fully give of your soul’s gifts of joy, beauty and truth; love will be reflected back. Deliver your highest potential everyday and life will get better. If life loves us back when we simply open to love; why do we shut down, isolate, numb-out and push away love, opportunities and people?

We believe our defenses protect us. We don’t realize that which we defend against, we will get back. What you focus on vibrationally is what you will receive. Our defense plans get us the opposite they wish to promise.

What is our choice besides defense…self love and self respect. As you fill up your space with YOU, with LOVE, you feel supported, loved and nurtured. You are no longer so fearful of what others might do or how they will judge you. Be yourself. If you don’t fill your energy with you, with your full Self, someone will want to fill it for you.

It is not as hard as you think to BE yourself and fill your life with Love. It is done with your intention. Intention shapes action. Intent sets the ‘sail’ of your boat and the Divine handles the details. Action with intent to Love creates miracles. Action without intention to Love is just violence. For example, I have received a massage that felt draining because the intention of the therapist was to just ‘get it done’. I have also received a massage when the therapist held an intention to love. I felt healed, uplifted, and light. The action was no different, just the intention. Your life can change if you intend to express all the Love You Are, every day.

Intend to be yourself. No one can fully know themselves because on self growth path, we are always changing. We must experience ourselves to know ourselves. Expressing Love to feel Love as ourselves is unconditional love. CHOOSE TO FULLY FILL YOUR SPACE WITH THE SHINE OF YOUR HEART WITH THE INTENT TO FEEL LIGHT, LOVE, GOD AS YOU. This allows you to remain detached in how others receive this love and paradoxically causes you to BE more loving!!

Another reason we don’t open to Love and have it reflected back is because when we do; we encounter pain. When you open up to all your good, your ‘spicket’ will have a plug of pain or darkness that is in the way. This is normal. This pain is why you closed yourself in the first place.

Feeling is healing. The story, pattern and behavior that you created to cope with the pain is NOT so important. The root of your suffering is an emotional pain. Feel the emotional charge with compassionate witnessing, and non reaction and you will pull your suffering up by its roots. You can’t change the story, or discipline yourself enough to stop that bad self-sabotaging behavior. Instead, you can learn to feel with non-reaction, loving the pain, and showing yourself that ALL of you IS love. What you witness or Love transforms, what you resist persists. As you love your pain and move into greater joy, you naturally release the story and behavior created to deal with pain.

Everything is love. Hate is only a lower vibration. Do not wall yourself off to ‘negative vibrations’. As an extreme empath growing up I learned I could not put enough energetic bubbles around me to protect me. I learned Love protects. I breathe in the anger or hate of another and thus keep MY HEART OPEN. As I do, the love I emit fills up my space and protects me. I found it was my resistance to other’s emotions or what people call ‘negativity’ that created pain for me. But, if I breathe it in, and still feel the emotion, this is a sign I have this issue within and it is being mirrored back. I then witness and love the pain I didn’t know I was holding until this person reflected it back to me.

Each time you open up to express and receive another level of love a ‘plug’ of pain will arise. This is normal. Many take this as ‘proof’ that it is not safe to open their heart. Unknowingly, they then close their hearts, blocking their own expression and all the good that seeks to come to them.

Your soul’s purpose is to know Love/God as yourself. Not in theory, but in feeling the Divine as you. Feeling the spark of creation that burns in all hearts starts with your own self-witnessing. Accept your humanity to know your divinity. It is in the process of Self Acceptance that moves you into greater authenticity, joy and living love as you.

Learn to dance in your pain, and find joy. Let the love you express be for the ONE and not for only one. Your gifts and unique self if not expressed makes society sick. We need you to step out, express your love, all the ways you can. Smile, poetry, dance, encourage another, pick up trash, stand up straighter….. As you do these for yourself and not for validation, or to be a ‘good person’ you become a generator of love for the world. You stop waiting for someone else to give you permission to be you.

Don’t be afraid of choice. You always have a choice. Where you are, God-Love Is. Nothing is hopeless. Intend to fill your day with You, with Love, and life will begin to change.

As you intend to be yourself and express all that your soul holds; you will be guided by your heart in little actions steps. Life or God handles the details. Intend to express the Love You Are everyday, and the waters of divinity and winds of creation carry you to your next unfoldment.

Barbara White


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