You can control your brain waves to help achieve many of your hopes wishes and dreams. When someone talks about meditation you may think of just shutting your eyes and floating about in a sea of bliss and positive feelings. However, there is so much more than this restful practice of meditation that you need to be aware of.

First knowing the different levels of the brain waves is helpful: Your brain has billions of neuron cells, which communicate using electrical energy. When controlled, you can truly achieve relaxation, creative thoughts, healing, and even tap into your psychic mind – all through the different levels of the brainwaves.

Brainwaves can be measured: In 1929 brainwaves were discovered. There are now five different and distinct brainwave levels: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma and these frequencies can be measured in cycles per second known as Hertz (Hz). Each frequency of the brain changes the level of brain activity which then moves into a different level of consciousness. Brainwaves can represent different levels of consciousness and can be stimulated to achieve desired results. By learning meditation and controlling your brainwaves you can obtain deeper states of consciousness. This will help you to open your subconscious mind and create your reality at will. I’ve listed a brief explanation of the five brainwave frequencies.

Beta-12-40Hz: AWAKE, and mentally active: When you are awake, your brain is operating at the beta level, which means you are fully conscious, and your brain is in an active thinking state. Beta waves are associated with active thinking, planning, and a heightened state of alertness. Also, you are more in a logic and critical reasoning mind.

Beta brainwaves are important for effective and critical thinking during your waking hours, but the Hz levels can move faster, and you will start to experience stressful levels of thinking. Today most adults operate at a Higher Beta frequency, causing more anxiety disorders.

Alpha- 7-12 Hz: More relaxed and focused: When you relax or go into a light meditative state, your brainwave slows down and moves into the Alpha level. The Alpha level of the mind is associated with learning, processing, storing and recalling information. When you are day-dreaming, or in a deep relaxation state, or even in light meditation, you are experiencing Alpha brain waves.

In the Alpha level, we can absorb a book we are reading, you can also program your mind for success (many athletes operate at this level), program for memory and learning, and open the imagination for creative thinking. The Alpha wave lies at the gateway to your conscious awareness.

Theta-4-7 Hz: Twilight mind, between awake and sleep: Slower still are Theta waves associated with Twilight, likened to waking from sleep or daydreaming. Often, while preparing to do readings, I will meditate into this deeper level of mind. This allows me to be awake, however relaxing into this twilight level. At this level, you can achieve a deeper connection with the universe and have a spiritual connection with the higher mind. While in Theta you may experience vivid visualizations, sense spirit, and experience exceptional insight. Theta brain waves are present during deep meditation and light sleep, also while in the important REM dream state. At this level of the mind, you are conscious of your surroundings, however, your body is in deep relaxation.

Delta-0.5-4Hz: Deep sleep, healing, and regeneration: Delta is the slowest brainwave level, usually in non rem sleep. The sleeping prophet Edward Casey functioned at this level giving incredibly accurate readings. However, because he was in a sleeping state of mind Mr. Casey needed his stereographer to take notes of his readings. The Delta level is associated with being completely unconscious, and in this state, we do not remember anything. The Delta brainwave is the gateway to the universal mind and the collective unconsciousness. You can experience prophetic dreams in this level. I have found when you are at the lower levels of the Theta brainwave you can achieve a conscious level of Delta. This is where I function as a psychic/Medium

GAMMA-above 40Hz: Highest levels of the brainwaves: This brainwave range is a very recent discovery and is the fastest frequency registering above 40Hz. Being that this is a new discovery there is not much known of this brainwave level. It is theorized that the Gamma level of the mind may be associated with high energy intuitive insight and may be able to move across the threshold between dimensions. I theorize, that this also maybe where mind reading or telepathic communication can take place.

Learning to meditate can help you achieve these different levels. To achieve going into the deeper brainwave levels, Theta and Delta to tap into your subconscious mind and explore your own spiritual path and even past life experiences, you may want to use Hypnotherapy. You also can train your own mind to achieve the lower levels of Alpha and Theta in which to open your intuitive mind.

Wendy Powers Nugent


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